Wingman Partners: Offers Scalable and Secure Cloud Services

CIO Vendor Cloud platforms have evolved exponentially over the last 5-10 years, and companies are galloping to host their data on the cloud instead of conventional private servers. Wingman Partners offers cloud services and has years of expertise in the cloud domain. Key members of the organization have been engaged in cloud development, migration, and maintenance projects from early cloud days. Wingman understands the infrastructure and networking well, helping consumers shape their application development in the same thought process. The organization also provides end-to-end support for products/solutions beginning from cloud cost projection, migration, infradesign, application development, CI / CD monitoring, and maintenance. The organization is migrating its teams to higher-certified cloud engineers and updating them with improved infra-architectural skills.

The organization is developing its base of recommended architectures for various business scenarios to minimize the time on the market for customers. Wingman's development teams are now equipped with cloud-based components to design & develop apt and optimized solutions. The organization offers various cloud solutions and services such as Cloud Cost projection, Cloud migration, Cloud Infra Design, Application Development/maintenance, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Test Automation, Log Monitoring and Alert Management, NOC, and Research and Proof of Concepts.

Wingman's teams have been set up with a high sense of ownership to execute the products with great commitment. As an organization, Wingman ensures complete transparency in the planning and actions with
the partners(customers). In terms of capabilities, the organization's end to end understanding of products and strict enterprise-level process adherence is distinct and a preferred choice for Partners looking for enterprise-grade quality and processes. "Our people are our assets and we take complete care in ensuring their individual career growth and enhancing their learnings/skillset. Our success lies in their success." says Ashav Kaushik, Founder, Wingman Partners.

Emerging Demands and Expectations of Clients
When moving to the cloud, the primary expectations of most of the clients are [Scalability, Security, Savings]. Customers want to quickly move to the cloud for a highly accessible infra with limited downtime, swift bring-up, and a lot of power. When the customers develop their solution in the cloud, security is the primary concern to ensure that their product and data are secure. And post attaining that stability, the customers start looking at reducing costs by optimizing their product or solutions. The organization has been working with customers with the same order. Often the organization has existing products, and sometimes Wingman is starting up from scratch. This allows Wingman to have the architecture defined for security and savings in advance. The organization has built devices to manage data from various sources of ingestion and process the same securely to present in an optimized way to end-users.

Wingman Partners do not engage with customers, but with 'Partners.' The organization ensures a long-term commitment in which Wingman understands and shapes the product from the very beginning and is responsible for bringing it onto the market and managing its high availability in production environments. Products require a different set of minds and ownership that is usually lacking from outsourced teams. The organization develops specialized teams for the product and integrates its development with the extension and growth.

Wingman plans to join hands with more partners to create an effective, accountable and loyal team for their products. The organization's vision is to create more problem-solving solutions in the coming years.