XSTel: Empowering Businesses with Professional Cloud Telephony Solutions

CIO Vendor Enterprises are becoming increasingly de¬pendent on different cloud and mobile applications to run their business operations smoothly. The advent of disruptive technol¬ogies like Artificial Intelligence and Inter¬net of Things (IoT) is transforming how businesses op¬erate. However, businesses today face many challenges in staying abreast of continuous technological advance¬ments and bridging the gap between their business and their clientele.

Businesses rely on cloud-based applications accessible over global networks, on any device, anytime, and any¬where. With the growing adoption of different IoT and AI applications, the industry is all set to become even more reliant on secure and superfast network connectiv¬ity. The major reasons for companies moving commu-nications to the cloud are ease of technology adoption, speedy Disaster Recovery, and the cost effectiveness of cloud-based applications. With cloud communications, service is outsourced and upgrades are deployed through automatic software updates. This allows organizations to stay focused on their business and leave the upgrades to the cloud communications vendor.

One such promising cloud communication solution provider is the Chandigarh based company Conjoinix Total Solutions, established in 2003 by Nitish Mahajan, the CEO and Managing Director. Conjoinix has been a passive Technology Operator and a Technology Developer in relation to the prevailing market, but very recently it has earned rapid popularity in the industry, especially among the Telecommunication Operators and MSME Entrepreneurs. Conjoinix has an extensive range of products for ISP/Telecom Operators, Wi- Fi Operators, Vehicle Telematics Operators, GPS Tracking Operators and now, the upcoming Cloud Telephony Operators.
In the cloud communications segment, Conjoinix is positioned as a preferred Technology Partner for SMEs as well as the Communication Operators or Entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the cloud communications domain. The company provides its cloud communication services and products under the brand name XSTel. XSTel – DGR is super fast cloud telephony based Virtual Receptionist service and a new generation solution that provides flexibility to answer the customer calls 24×7, using professionally recorded messages (IVR). It helps in creating multi-level IVRs, mobile extensions of staff members, call recording, call conferencing, etc. communications has in-built TTS system that allows users to create voices in any preferred language but what makes XSTel unique is its complete Outbound Call Management Control for Order Processing, Order Tracking, Debt Management, Voice Notifications, Polls, Alertscost-effectiveness and Birthday reminders.

The notable features of XSTel – DGR are greeting customers with professionally recorded messages and forwarding incoming calls to the concerned departments. XSTel configures an extension to receive facsimile and forwards it to your Email ID. Customers can leave a Voicemail message which can be managed through Phone/Web. Whenever a Voicemail is received, a notification is sent, enabling the employees to act fast on providing customer support effectively, thus ensuring 24x7 business availability.

Conjoinix’s innovation - XSTel has a larger scope of advantage where one can have his own physical PBX and can continue to work even without Internet. The incoming and outgoing calls are not ceased. XSTel App gives a complete control of your communication system and is in fact a totally new idea in cloud communications.

With the rise in the demand, Conjoinix aims to streamline business solutions for small, medium and large organizations, aiding them in the growth of productivity and profits. Additionally, Conjoinix is already into discussion with many leading businesses for partnering with their telephony startups.