CloudJournee: Assisting Businesses Make the Most of Cloud

CIO Vendor The key to a successful cloud migration strategy is ensuring that the applications face minimal disruption, without allowing the migration budget to get blown out of proportion while ensuring Business continuity. Although there are native services provided by the cloud providers for application migration, these solutions require significant restructuring of the applications during a ‘lift-andshift’ operation or fair chances are that the solutions may not be fast enough, taking days or months to move the data. Based out of Bangalore, CloudJournee is an endto-end Cloud Services Company enabling organizations succeed in their digital transformation initiatives by helping them successfully adopt and run their applications in the Cloud at a lower TCO. A team with 100,000+ hours of experience at CloudJournee is aiding customers across the globe with scalable and reliable solutions to their business problems using DevOps, Microservices, Docker and Log Analytics.

CloudJournee specializes in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform and has designed a wide range of solutions and services to facilitate their customers achieve their business objectives. With their automated tools & processes, CloudJournee exhibits agile, efficient and scalable cloud capabilities for smooth migration. The company has adequate experience in securely migrating and managing application migration complexities while reducing operating expenses (OpEx) and increasing the effectiveness of IT processes. Being a customer centric organization, CloudJournee’s strategies, processes and people are aligned to help clients achieve their business objectives and get the maximum return of their cloud investment.

Four Step Approach to Smooth Migration
Today, the forward-thinking organizations are turning to cloud and strategy specialists to understand the complexity and risk involved in cloud adoption and get help in designing, building and running solutions in the cloud. CloudJournee has designed 4 cloud migration approaches for such organizations. First is the Lift & Shift solution, where the CloudJournee lifts a portion of or an entire existing application from the client’s on-premise infrastructure and shifts it to cloud with few or no modifications to the underlying configuration.
This is followed by Lift & Refit. In Lift & Refit, the team of cloud strategists at CloudJournee replicate the current application in the cloud with minor tweaks and optimizations, thereby helping the clients in improving their app performance. Thirdly, Refactoring requires making major changes to the application’s configuration while moving it to the cloud without impacting the external behavior. This approach allows the client to design the app in a manner that it uses cloud compute, storage, database, and other resources more efficiently, leading to significant cut down on costs over time.

With a customer centric business strategy in place, CloudJournee has helped organizations grow their business manifold

The final solution is to Rebuild. By Rebuilding the application from the ground up, businesses are allowed to make applications fully cloud-native, fetching the full advantage of cloud computing. With a complete rebuild, businesses save more in long-term costs as everything with the app can be fully optimized to use cloud resources more efficiently. These 4 approaches are specifically designed to help clients systematically move to cloud. Clearly, CloudJournee enables faster application deployments while reducing infrastructure overheads. Enterprises multiply the productivity of their businesses by availing secured access to remotely located employees via the Internet.

In a recent venture, CloudJournee enabled a Service based Management Company to up their infrastructure efficiency by migrating their servers from on-premise VMware environment to a secured & scalable AWS cloud. This process was carried out while ensuring they are accessible in high availability mode and helped them drastically reduce their infrastructure size by 40 percent Hence, the client was able to improve their business effectiveness and increase their infrastructure scalability at an optimized cost. With a customer centric business strategy in place, CloudJournee has helped organizations grow their business manifold with reduced infrastructure investments. Evidently, CloudJournee’s team of domain experts has the charisma to take the company to the stars and stand apart in the crowded market offering cloud services.