In2IT Technologies: Devising the Strategy for Secure Infrastructure on Cloud

CIO Vendor Enterprises around the globe are driven by the need for greater productivity at lower costs with quick turnaround time and hence CIOs are advising and moving applications onto cloud;currently one of the most disruptive technologies. However, cloud migration is not the only aspect that businesses need to delve into. There is a broad range of parameters like data security, compliance, the usage pattern of applications, scalability and enhanced network performance that factor into choosing the right cloud services provider. Going a notch up, In2IT Technologies believes in having a vendor agnostic approach, and offers their consulting and advisory services that strategically articulate a blueprint structure for every customer; offering a holistic view. This blueprint analyzes and assists customers to identify a path to migrate the workload and the application there by covering the lifecycle of the customer’s application and infrastructure moving securely onto cloud. “Public cloud providers by default leave it up to the enterprise to define their security mechanism. But, we create security solutions for you on a cloud to secure your applications and infrastructure which you have migrated irrespective of the cloud strategy you have picked up,” informs Vishal Barapatre, Co-Founder and Group CTO, In2IT Technologies.

Established in 2011, In2IT Technologies proffers a novel internal framework for infrastructure management known as CATS(Cognitive Automation Technology Services). The single console is designed to cater to the customer’s infrastructure management requirements and permits customers the flexibility to choose the preferred cloud vendor without the need to log onto separate consoles. Additionally, the customer can easily access the management details with metering and billing, all onto the console's dashboard. These features
essentially put an end to businesses spending a huge amount of resources on the unutilized consumption of cloud services due to the inability to keep track of every hired service.

We create security solutions for you on a cloud to secure your applications and infrastructure which you have migrated irrespective of the cloud strategy you have picked up

With a proven track record and renowned clientele in India, US, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and Singapore, In2IT Technologies is a global technology services firm focused on providing IT Consultancy, Application Development & Maintenance, Technology Infrastructure Services, Program and Project Management. Consulting and Sourcing Advisory, Business Process Management(BPM), Mobility, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Managed Services and Cloud Computing Services belong to the company’s portfolio of services extended to organizations depending on their requirements. As a company delivering cloud computing services, In2IT Technologies leverages their partnership with Oracle and SAP to achieve business efficiency and operational excellence with regards to security, compliance, privacy, performance, management, and monitoring.

Continually striving to stay relevant in this rapidly evolving domain, In2IT Technologies intends to invest in developing their intellectual properties thus addressing the constantly changing cloud requirement. Furthermore, with upcoming technology trends, the company endeavours to leverage their in-depth expertise to maintain their position as one of the topmost cloud services providers.