Akamai Technologies - Facilitating Organizations to be Fast Reliable & Secure

CIO Vendor Research and Markets, a leading market research firm recently stated that the -marginal decrease in bandwidth cost has vastly increased the consumption of internet across different regions. However, this has given rise to traffic congestion and latency issues not to mention security challenges. It has also led to complexities for organizations whose business depends on web page performance, load time, and secure delivery of content over the internet. Headquartered in the US with its Indian office in Bengaluru, Akamai Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. leverages the company’s extensive expertise in advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions to revolutionize the way businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.

Akamai prides in operating a pervasive Content Delivery Network (CDN) - more than 216,000 servers in over 120 countries and within more than 1,500 networks around the world. To ensure an engaging user experience, organizations need to concentrate on vectors such as performance and scalability of their web properties. Akamai helps organizations address these challenges and helps organizations meet the needs of always connected audiences, while meeting today’s delivery standards of high performance, highly scalable and always available experiences. In addition to performance, Akamai’s Intelligent Platform extends web infrastructure to stop attacks that threaten online operations—from DDoS attacks that can cause unexpected outages to web application attacks that lead to data theft; beyond the physical boundaries of data centers, all the way out to end users.
Moreover, Akamai allows businesses to stop attacks against websites and business applications closer to the attacker and further away from critical infrastructure while delivering a significant percentage of global web traffic, and handling over 3 trillion individual interactions between thousands of organizations and millions of end users every single day.

Sidharth Malik, VP & Managing Director, India, Akamai Technologies sums it up well when he says,“Internet penetration in India will stretch beyond the large cities, as more services and devices come online. This is also a great opportunity for enterprises to harness the power of the internet to innovate and scale operations”.

Akamai allows businesses to stop attacks against websites and business applications closer to the attacker

Great web and mobile experiences are key to engaging users, yet difficult to achieve. To drive engagement and online revenue, it’s critical to optimize performance for consumer audiences and employees alike to meet or exceed their expectations for consistent, fast, secure experiences.Securing and optimizing thousands of workloads hosted in the cloud for organizations ranging from the largest enterprises, government entities, to early-stage startup, Akamai ensures that businesses are fast, secure and reliable when it comes to the Cloud.