FinaTel Technologies - Invigorating Cloud Experience with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Solutions

CIO Vendor Indian software and services industry is at a crossroads today. With the escalating role of cloud computing in IT; cloud companies are extending solutions to diverse requirements to keep a pace with the evolving market. While business organizations are exerting every effort to take the industry’s leading place, a stereotype product can dwindle their advanced chances. Hence, mitigation of these hindrances with a comprehended solution of client’s preference and requisites is the need of the hour. Delivering the prerequisite is Chennai based FinaTel, ensuring benefits and cost effectiveness of Cloud Services; and intends to act as the single point to meet all requirements of clients.

FinaTel intends to work on principles of ‘Increase Revenues and Increase operational efficiency.’

FinaTel initiated its journey with manifestation of Cloud Advantages like cost effectiveness, reliability and compliance, through its Enterprise Process Management systems. The company launched free trial sessions for custom solutions, delivered by its Cloud IaaS and proffered Assurance and Accountability of its offerings. “Free demos were set up, webinars arranged, live presentations organized, 30 – 60 day free trials offered, and thus, the customers’ confidence was achieved.” says Madhusoodhanan Ramakrishnan, Director & Founder at FinaTel.
The company assists its customers to use “PaaS” platforms to develop “SaaS” solutions and allows its hosting on “IaaS”. With Amazon being the IaaS partner, FinaTel furnishes its customers, with adequate skill sets, post- identification of appropriate IaaS services for the client.

FinaTel intends to work on principles of ‘Increase Revenues and Increase operational efficiency.’ The company eliminates the clients’ hesitation of data loss, by taking responsibility of customer’s target objective and thus, links its payments to the business outcome of its customers. FinaTel believes in comprehending the actual needs of clients and leverages its in-house R&D centre for Application Development and Testing, and encourages customer satisfaction, even if it demands the moving of entire hosting services from On-Premise to cloud.

Talking about a 3 year old client and ‘FinaTel- Cloud’ user from retail industry, operating 25+ outlets across Bangalore city, Mr. Ramakrishnan claimed that ‘RetailFort’- A cloud capable centralized retail management solution by FinaTel helped the user evade data thefts along with extinction of issues like server maintainability and ushered the platform to help inter-connecting all the retail outlet locations.

FinaTel offers unique solutions like TabServe - A ready to use restaurant management solution with tablet based e-menu and other features that operate in numerous modes like e-Menu, waiter mode, chef mode, manager mode etc. Besides, another milestone of FinaTel is its catalogue application which leverages the content delivery capabilities of cloud computing and helps organizations consolidate their marketing collaterals and avoid the delays in marketing content delivery.

FinaTel believes in being a strategic technology partner than a mere solutions’ provider. The company pledges to avail cost effective solutions for Enterprises in the domains of Cloud, Mobility, Digital, Automation, and Social Innovation in the upcoming years, with its Solution Design & R&D and its unique SaaS, PaaS or IaaS solution.