Why Choose VMware?

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Cloud computing enables IT as a Service, a vastly more e!cient, flexible, and cost-e"ective way for IT to
meet escalating business needs. VMware o"ers the most pragmatic path to this new model, with solutions
that harness the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of existing technology
VMware is the best cloud infrastructure vendor because it provides the following:
􀄑Best virtualization platform – VMware vSphere® forms the rock-solid platform on which all other solutions
are built. Over the past decade, vSphere has emerged as the industry’s leading virtualization platform. Today,
more than 250,000 customers have chosen to build their virtual and cloud infrastructures on vSphere,
trusting their mission-critical applications and production environments to the advanced capabilities and
reliability that only vSphere provides. With VMware vSphere® 5.0, VMware has raised the bar even higher with
enhancements that make it clearly the best virtualization platform.
􀄑More choice for your cloud – VMware brings the benefits of cloud computing to its customers in an
evolutionary and pragmatic way with solutions that are built on top of and designed especially for vSphere.
The VMware cloud model requires that customers make only incremental technology changes in order to
achieve the agility and other benefits the cloud has to o"er. Whether it is an internal private cloud, a public
cloud or a hybrid model, VMware provides customers with the greatest choice in building a cloud that best
suits their needs.
􀄑Better security for your cloud – Cloud computing and highly virtualized environments introduce new security
challenges that traditional security solutions, on their own, cannot address. VMware has a better approach
to cloud security than other virtualization and cloud vendors with a new set of virtualization-aware security
products that work with existing solutions to enable adaptive and cost-e"ective security and compliance
within a single management framework. VMware’s new security model for the cloud is the foundation for
trusted and scalable cloud infrastructures.
Best of all, VMware delivers all of this while providing a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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