True Codeology Solutions: Assisting the Startup Community Seamlessly Transition to Cloud

CIO Vendor The cloud market is witnessing an exponential growth as most believe cloud computing is the future of technology. CIOReviewIndia caught up with R S Rajesh Co-founder and CEO at True Codeology Solutions, to better understand the current market trends and the growth drivers that will lead to a more cloud-powered future.

1. Enterprises are increasingly beginning to shift their core business processes onto cloud as it provides scalability, security, operational efficiency and flexibility. How do you see this market evolving in India? In your opinion, what are the key advantages that entice organizations to approach cloud consulting companies?
In our view, COVID-19 fast forwarded what could have taken another 18 to 24 months – Rapid Adoption of Cloud Computing in India. Cloud will be positioned as a ‘necessity’ rather than as ‘an advantage’
While the organizations scramble to facilitate, monitor and manage remote work may be an immediate need owing to lockdown and a need for mandatory social distancing, it will trigger an investment over longer-term towards scaling up digital transformation.

Key Advantages which we believe entice organizations to approach cloud consulting companies:
Cloud Consulting Companies like us help ‘connect organizations with solutions’ to their challenges, in terms of choice of Cloudbased infrastructure, appropriate technical and operational guidance in deployment and management, migration of data ‘to’ and ‘inbetween’ cloud environments, while empowering organizations to focus on their own key strengths and client-specific needs.

2. While cloud computing is of growing interest, many customers are encountering greater costs and several obstacles during adoption. What are some of the customer’s expectations during this transition and how does True Codeology Solutions strategize to meet these expectations?
We address a very wide market from Startups, SMBs and also a couple of Fortune 500 companies. However, the expectations are very similar, irrespective of the size of the customer and the scale of services we render. Some of the most common expectations which we set with our customers are:
• Technical competence
• Ability to Understand Business Need/Issue
• Ability and Willingness to customize solutions
• Openness to suggest best solution as opposed to driving sponsored ones
• Work within Time & Budget Constraints
• Strong work ethic, adherence to compliance, policies, IP, security and so on

Our strategy with any client based on their expectation is we partner with organizations rather than work with them as an external entity. In all our meetings/engagement with customers, we never assumed/will never assume the role of a vendor/ service provider.

3. How is CODE positioned in this sector? Please give us a brief overview of your company?
We are addressing a market that has seen a lot of growth in India and also abroad - the ‘Startup community’. CODE’s ability to work with lean teams assuming ownership and thus accountability, and a steadfast focus on results and outcome - with better TAT, coupled with an agility enabling faster decision making, uniquely position us to be the preferred partner of choice for the startup community.

4. What are the major factors that differentiate your company from your competitors providing similar solutions?
Our differentiation comes in ‘how’ we serve our customers/clients. We have a turnkey approach to problem solving, thus improving the TAT. Our
service packages are immensely creative as we develop irresistible value-based offers that our customers find it hard to say NO.

Finally, we make it very easy for our customers to reach, communicate and engage with us anytime.

5. Which market segment has been most responsive to your offering? Please share with is a success story.
Our company’s mission is to help organizations build products quickly and launch their services within a stipulated timeframe and budget.

We have been able to successfully onboard one of Fortune 500 customers onto a leading cloud platform. While the customer had significantly invested on ‘inhouse’ IT infrastructure, the need for digitization, coupled with leadership’s focus towards investments in digital technology, applications and productivity tools demanded a migration to cloud. We played a pivotal role in convincing the stakeholders to invest in cloud.

Our company's mission is to help organizations build products quickly and launch their services within a stipulated time-frame and budget

A couple of startups from Canada will soon go-live with their apps, in the next couple of months and we are hoping they will be the next big thing in the storage and transportation space, which will be revealed shortly.

6. While organizations may be aware that the adoption of cloud assists in accelerating a business’s set goals, the challenge lies in discovering and developing a cloud strategy designed to meet those business goals. How do you best address this challenge with your Cloud Advisory Services?
We have a very methodical approach to advising enterprises, when it comes to migrating their IT assets to cloud - for that matter, anything and everything that has to do with cloud.

Enterprises these days have invested heavily on digitization. We are dealing with hundreds of applications for various departments to function, in what we call an ‘EEE Program’ (Efficiency, Efficacy, and Effectivity).

7. The cloud is a critical business element for almost every organization that desires to stay relevant amidst its competitors. Give us a brief insight of your complete end-to-end cloud migration services.
As an established cloud services company, we have what it takes to design, build, deliver and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure and help our customers.

8. A team forms a core part in building a successful company. How does your team’s combined experience help your company to grow?
Sandeep Reddy is my Co-founder and COO. He handles the entire administration and leads the operations. Chris is our solutioning expert and plays a significant role in tailoring solutions to all our customers. All of us have an orientation towards client satisfaction and all our energies are channelized towards client retention, satisfaction and excellence.

9. What are your current and upcoming projects in this landscape?
We are working very closely with the startup community in North America, India and a few reputed customers in Malaysia and Indonesia. The cloud adoption rate in North America is a no-brainer to anyone as it is a highly mature market and is growing at an enormous rate.

Offering a range of services in cloud, from building applications, to delivering cloud-based analytics, chatbots, and AI/ ML related applications has put us at a different pedestal altogether.