Sygitech: IT Infra, Cloud Tech and More

CIO Vendor The cloud computing market reached an overall valuation of 141 Billion Dollars in the year of 2018 according to a market research company Statista. The growth of this market has seen massive acceleration over the last decade and has resulted in a changed point of view towards modern business development and operations. When it comes to adaptability, a number of globally acclaimed businesses have integrated cloud infrastructure into their business capabilities and have been utterly successful in multiplying their rates of production. Experts in the Cloud consulting and IT infrastructure domain have been able to come up with universal as well as customised solutions for their clients and have crossed distinctive landmarks in technological innovations.

“Cloud Computing is in Sygitech's DNA. With most of our services and products being cloud driven, we have enriched ourselves with knowledge of multiple cloud platforms in a short period of time. Covid -19 has also been a test of our expertise not only on premium cloud service providers but also with small players. We did a sizable migration projects and cost optimization for our customers as well as for us too,” states Aniruddh Singh, Founder, Sygitech.

Expertise of Management
Sygitech believes in collaboration and defines processes to enable people rather than to drive them. The company operates in small teams with multiple skill sets that use right mix of technologies to provide easy solutions to a complex problem that too in a time bound manner. With an average experience of 7 years companywide, the company has not missed a single deadline as of today.
The differentiators that make Sygitech stand apart are numerous, starting from the ability to scale systems/ product with less cost and time with an average incident resolution time being less than an hour. “Our capability to do migration and the expertise to identify if the problem is generating from the application of infrastructure that comes along with the skill set to design is a class in itself along with our strength to implement robust solutions that can scale for millions of users,” says Aniruddh.

Sygitech believes that on time delivery and quality of services are two key components to gain customer's trust and confidence. It ensures solutions that are cost effective, reliable and self healing in case of any crisis, supported by meticulously designed proactive monitoring systems to keep the services running and least impact to client’s business.

Mission & Expansion Plans
The company is on a mission to become the strategic IT partner for their clients and not just stay limited to a service provider. If an enterprise is looking for bespoke technical solutions, then Sygitech is here to help it out. From Product Development to IT Infrastructure Management, Database Management to Web/Mobile application, Cloud Solutions, and Consultancy Services, it is here to partner with the client at every step. Aniruddh, being the kind of founder who is passionate towards his area of work, in a short span of time has provided professional expertise to several startups and brands across different verticals that include eCommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Travel, and Manufacturing.

Speaking about the goodwill of the company, Aniruddh concludes, “We have recently completed a migration project for a Florida based company (we migrated complete infrastructure, including DB from Azure to IBM Cloud) and consistently ensuring that our existing customers do not get impacted due to unprecedented delays in these times. Our first objective is to keep our customers services running but at the same time, give required attention to projects in pipeline to meet their business objectives.”