Fluidech IT Services: Rendering Expert Cloud Consulting Services

CIO Vendor The cloud services market size is projected to reach USD 927.51 billion by 2027. The demand for cloud computing is driven by many factors, such as cost efficiency, flexibility, agility, security and of course innovation. The pace of innovation in cloud computing ecosystem has been high with addition of a new feature every day and a new technology as service every month, which has left businesses with the challenge of learning on the go & adapt quickly. Since these technologies change fast, businesses need cloud consulting companies to understand their environment quickly and implement these technologies at best possible.

Coming to aid of these organizations is Gurgaon headquartered Fluidech IT Services, with its expert consulting and managed services on designing architectures for cloud/ hybrid/ virtual/ data center setups. Fluidech’s approach is tailored to solve clients’ problems. Their approach is both vendor agnostic as well as platform independent and includes latest technologies. Fluidech brings rich domain experience and technology expertise together, enabling the company to build the service and technology teams that constantly develop innovative solutions. As a technology consulting and managed services company, Fluidech’s expansive portfolio of offerings include cloud and infrastructure, DevOps, big data analytics, and cybersecurity services.

Comprehensive Approach
One of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms, offering over 175 fully-featured services from data centers globally is AWS. Not just that, millions of customers including the fastest growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies are implementing AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Fluidech IT Services takes a comprehensive approach to the architecture that an application or a workload should be deployed with, on AWS. Following the well-architected framework of AWS and best practices are
the fundamental traits of the company’s service teams and this has enabled Fluidech to deliver up to 60 percent cost savings with up to 180 percent performance improvements at the same time to customers.

Effective Hybrid Cloud Design
With its strengths from managing both physical data centers as well as cloud setups, Fluidech helps businesses build an effective hybrid cloud design. Furthermore, the company’s monitoring and management capabilities are designed and equipped to manage hybrid setups in a single dashboard.

As part of Fluidech’s migration services, the company not only assists customers with cloud readiness assessment, formulating the right migration strategy but also helps them choose the right methodology, identify and mitigate risks, and conduct migration with the best customer experience.

Conventional Models
With increased savings, more device accessibility, improved flexibility, and even environmental friendliness to boot, cloud computing have seen a surge in recent years. To make the transition easier, cloud consultants extend their services to help all sorts of organizations from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

“Our consulting practice is designed uniquely with unconventional models to focus on solving customer problems in the best selection of technology and cost. We are platform-independent and vendor agnostic. Thus, our customers are confident of having taken an informed decision with low TCO, high ROI, best implementation design & architecture,” says Gaurav Gupta, Founder of Fluidech IT Services.

Future Road Map
Currently, Fluidech IT Services is working on various projects related to consulting, managed services, and contract staffing assignments. Especially, on cloud, the company is delivering migration (including hybrid model), re-architecting & cost optimization, managed services, DevOps, and security including container security. The award winning support teams and cyber security services from Fluidech are further enabling adoption of cloud and associated technologies to stay competitive. Fluidech has also started geographic expansion to US, UK and South East Asian countries in a phased manner.