CloudRocks Technologies: Hand-Holding Clients In Their Journey Towards Open-Source Ecosystem

CIO Vendor Fuelled by the open source community and startup ecosystems, the Indian cloud market is gaining a good amount of traction today especially when it concerns PaaS sector and other cloud native approaches. These two fronts have been the main focus when it concerns cloud adoption in the market today. Hence, open-source technologies and cloud technology are being taken in more of a synonymous way nowadays. Speaking about the businesses, they expect cost-optimized services and solutions which are highly secured, integrable and much more scalable with less vendor lock-ins.

This is certainly the main reason why today's businesses are following hybrid or open source cloud trends. There has been tremendous growth in this open-source ecosystem today, whether we talk about Big Data, Analytics, AI, IoT, Decentralised Blockchain, among others; more businesses are adopting open source methodologies.

As a business one should focus on what your applications should do and while also have a strong mindset of adopting this open cloud or multi cloud ecosystem, one company who has been consistently focusing on being a solutions provider company who can handhold and guide clients about the right application that one should build and rather not focus on which provider one should go for is CloudRocks Technologies established in 2019. Ensuring all the aforementioned expectations from a business point-of-view, this startup has really been shining among its peers with its solutions that have open source capabilities which ensures needed flexibility for every requirement of every specific client.

“What we typically do is, we leverage open source technologies and some of the innovative cloud services to build specific solutions to target specific problems; in-house technology based on our own innovative operations. Hence, it's plain and simple, as when a client approaches us, we use cloud platforms as a service along with the integration of various open-source tools and technologies to drive success in their business venture,” highlights Avijit Samanta, Co-Founder and CEO, CloudRocks.'
Homestead of Unique Services and Solutions
One of the niche services that CloudRocks has been providing is that of CTO-as-a-Service. As their primary target market is Startups and SMBs, the company while offering services to these genres of customers found that there was a tremendous gap between the kind of business requirements and the appropriate decision making of tools and technologies. So typically what they found out was that most of the Startups don't have or can't afford CTOs who can guide businesses towards the right path of doing the business, especially in these times of pandemic.

As of today, CTOs have become one of the important entities for a successful business venture who will guide the company across all technology management operations. Hence, most of the SMEs and SMBs lack the needed knowledge and expertise to build a robust application which can ensure a positive business for them. Therefore, CloudRocks with its unique offering of CTO-as-a-Service has been not only about developing a software, but rather, bringing an array of open cloud ecosystem capabilities from scoping, time-lining, to marketing etc.

The company also helps in building a strong team who can seamlessly handle every operation that needs to be carried out. In simple words, CloudRocks, for its clients, has been effectively handling a vital role of a real-time CTO. They completely manage the whole software development operations right from managing the team with an agile process to the completion and post-development services.

Avijit also said that the clients can reap head on ideas of CloudRocks’ robust operation methodologies with agility and product-focused mindset from the day one. “When you talk about the CTO services, such as the solution architecture, we put that agility and product-focused mindset from the very beginning which normally one wont get to start any particular product or any particular application. Our indepth expertise across every service and components, we offer services at an effective price for clients across SMEs and SMBs. with security as the foremost priority,” said Avijit.

“CloudRocks have been the accelerators on the cloud front, and, irrespective of industrial segments, such as healthcare, fin-tech, manufacturing etc., companies will surely think of technology integration, especially the cloud technology so as to stay relevant with today's disruptive market,” concludes Avijit.