Ysquare: Empowering Businesses Digitally with Cloud Capabilities

CIO Vendor Today, cloud adoption has become a buzzword in the world of business due to the constantly changing market dynamics driving its rapid growth. India is providing a promising market for cloud adoption that will further contribute to the increasing global numbers. One significant benefit companies will empower themselves by moving onto cloud is that it will enable them to focus completely on the business and functional aspects instead of putting too much effort and money on infrastructure set up and maintenance. As reliability and scal ability are the most crucial aspects which company expects while moving onto the cloud, vendors in today’s market such as AWS, Azure, and GCP are similarly evolving to provide the same. They have well-established security solutions and offer industry level security compliance to assure its users’ protection, throughout. Moreover, cloud scalability is as simple as its initial setup and companies need not deal with any physical system up-gradation, thereby saving crucial time and effort that is being wasted over the activity.

Having expertise across all major cloud providers - AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, one company who is gradually setting a strong hold in current cloud market is Chennai based Ysquare. The company has been on a mission to digitally transform their clients business and empower them with cloud capabilities to aid them in staying relevant with today’s ever-changing market and technological advancements.

“As there are plenty of solutions and products plaguing the market, our uniqueness is seen when identifying the right fit for the customer with complete transparency,” explains Mohamed Yaseen, Director, Ysquare. We take our customers’ pain points and become their technology advisors rather than plain implementers. We spend time with the customers in understanding which cloud solutions available in the market could be a best fit for them and make sure the customer is clear on those and then
start the implementation. This would eventually save a lot of cost and become scalable in the future,” he adds.

As there are plenty of solutions and products plaguing the market, our uniqueness is seen when identifying the right fit for the customer with complete transparency

Bringing Expertise Across Various Solutions
Customized web and mobile applications being the main area of focus, Ysquare has a robust approach when it comes to managing complete operations. They bring forth best-in-standard architectures and frameworks to develop and deploy applications on Cloud. Furthermore, the company’s employees are divided into three efficient teams who collaborate efficiently with one another. First is the application team which completely focuses on development and maintenance of web and mobile applications - Full stack of developers/designers and testers working together. The other one is Infrastructure team which comprises of highly competent Cloud and DevOps Engineers who are expertise in all Cloud provider platforms. And, lastly they have a data team which has been successful in winning various projects through their data science competency. They also a well-defined process built for making the applications containerized with the help of tools such as Docker while also orchestrating them through tools like Kubernetes across all cloud provider platforms.

“In the next two years, our team will be capable of bringing our solution models implemented in the cloud as a template for others to follow. Also, we aim at becoming gold/platinum partners with major cloud providers to consistently keep up the pace at which they release new products on the market,” concludes Mohamed.