Pi Data Centers Pvt. Ltd: Reshaping the Cloud Data Centre Hosting Landscape

CIO Vendor With increasing demand from both private and public enterprises the cloud solutions market is growing rapidly. A recent report from NASSCOM suggests that the cloud market in India is expected to grow to USD 7.1 billion by 2022. While the cloud market continues to grow rapidly, building secure cloud environments and data centers in compliance with data regulatory guidelines still remains a challenging task for enterprises, owing to frequently changing data and regulatory policies. Pi is helping businesses to leverage a highly secure cloud infrastructure and staying compliant with the data localization directives introduced by the RBI and the Government of India. Pi also delivers state-of-the-art data center colocation services, and end-to-end network & managed services.

Futuristic Cloud and Data Center Solutions
Being Asia’s largest Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified data center, Pi focuses on delivering world-class and futuristic data center & cloud solutions to various industries including IT & ITeS, BFSI, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Government and PSU. “We invest heavily into cutting edge security solutions to deliver different layers of security including SOC, SIEM, MFA and all other data protection mechanisms to our clients. We have stringent security policies in place for internal as well as for onboarded customers. We possess all certifications and strictly follow the regulations introduced by the government and RBI, in order to keep the data safe and localized within the country,” says Kalyan Muppaneni, Chairman and CEO, Pi. Specialized in both large private cloud installations and offering highly scalable custom data suites for colocating large enterprises, Pi helps businesses in managing and monitoring the IT resources like network, compute, and storage on real-time basis. “Our property design and business models help us keep the total cost of ownership significantly lower while offering world-class cloud and data
center solutions. Our data center and cloud designs are flexible for any changes as per customer’s business requirements,” adds Kalyan. The company’s managed services portfolio also includes various storage solutions such as Backup as a service and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Enterprise-class Cloud Platform with Multi-tier Security
As the customers’ emphasis on quicker and cheaper time to market is increasing, the need for cost efficiency, scalability in capacity, flexibility in access and agility in performance are higher than ever. Harbour1®, an enterprise cloud platform @ Pi®addresses all the these needs of businesses. “Harbour1® provides multitier security and can be customized as per the requirements of individual clients for optimizing capacities and the total cost of ownership. It is designed for delivering high performance and ensuring low latency, thereby making it suitable for all types and sizes of businesses,” explains Kalyan. The Software Defined Network (SDN) framework makes Harbour1® highly available, scalable and ready to isolate on demand. Harbour1®, by leveraging Software Defined Storage (SDS) framework, helps businesses in storage pool management, storage resource aggregation and system scale-out across the clusters of servers.

We support the complete lifecycle of an enterprise’s IT investments through robust solutions around cloud and data centre, and reliable consulting and managed services

“We support the complete lifecycle of an enterprise’s IT investments through robust solutions around cloud and data centre, and reliable consulting and managed services,” concludes Kalyan. Pi is India's leading data center and cloud company and is highly trusted for its world-class service quality delivered out of an SDDC environment. Being aligned with the Digital India mission, the company is planning to expand its footprint to more Tier II and Tier III cities across the country.