Vibtree: Empowering Better Supervision of Calls through Customizable PBX solutions

CIO Vendor Cloud PBX systems are the all-new systems in PBX technology since these systems provide numerous advanced features than a traditional PBX phone system. Moreover, traditional on-premise systems are complicated, expensive and not very easy to maintain. What is even more attractive about a cloud PBX is that it provides the entire phone features that a modern business needs to communicate, at a much lower cost, with many more benefits. However, it is not easy when it comes to controlling and supporting high volume calls originated from contact centers and large organizations.

This is where Kolkata based Vibtree comes into the picture. Vibtree offers customizable cloud PBX solutions that are designed with an aim to empower better supervision of activity and control over the call connections. This comprehensive SIP based system connects Public Switched Telephone network to internet networks. The company’s networks are designed in such a way that they support high volume calls originating from Call centers and medium to large business enterprises, which supports unlimited capacity for business needs.

The cluster of switches that the company operates on ensures that any failure in the data center will not affect the client calls. Moreover, the company’s routing system dynamically chooses the quintessential path to address the latency and packet drops issues for crystal clear call experience.

“Our solutions are totally customizable and can be tailored according to the clients’ requirements,” says Abhishek Gupta, Founder & CEO of Vibtree. The Vibtree team meets the clients, obtains all the requirement specification from the clients and tailors the solution accordingly.
Cut Costs and generate Revenue
Vibtree offers a voice broadcasting solution - VibCast that has the capability to broadcast telephone messages to hundreds and thousands of call recipients at once. This enables the client organizations to cut costs, generate revenue, and improve customer service by automatically delivering interactive customer notifications over the phone.

Our solutions are totally customizable and can be tailored according to the clients’ requirements

Another well-known fact is that calls have better response rates than SMS and automated phone calls increase efficiency and productivity as well. Therefore, Vibtree has designed VibCast in such a manner that it enables organizations to reach large number of people simultaneously within a few minutes and a few clicks. Vibtree has a mobile app and is also available as a Chrome extension.

Easy to Set up and Easy to Use System
Vibtree offers Vibconnect Business - a solution that helps in cutting down on telephone bills and increases productivity. Through Vibconnect, organizations can get their PBX system set up quick and start using them in minutes. Also, this system is capable of handling more than a million calls per day and provides employees with work from anywhere option.

Journey ahead
Vibtree is currently working on upgrading all the applications to API based solutions and hence, is developing a two factor authentication (2FA) cloud communication system that can be used to send OTP messages to customers. The company is also working on integrating the text-to-speech and speech to text features to its PBX system.