Tekpro: Making Businesses Future-ready with Cloud Consulting and Solution Delivery

CIO Vendor The current market, regardless of the industry vertical is seeing a huge surge with numerous businesses tapping into the power of the cloud and taking advantage of its benefits. However, it is easier said than done to actually deliver it in a real-time basis. As market is flooded with cloud solutions, it is actually a major challenge to choose the right one which befits one’s business requirements and objectives. Another challenge being business continuity; as applications might be critical for business operations, companies expect a smooth migration of their application onto the cloud without facing downtime situations.

Taking all these aspects into consideration and partnering with the leading Cloud vendors – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Tekpro is a 5 year old company which has been successfully aiding small, medium and large organization to adopt new age cloud services and solutions. The company is not just selling cloud solutions, but it is looking at the bigger picture of delivering an expert understanding and technology knowhow to its clients; so as to make them future ready and stay relevant in this ever changing market. “We carefully try to understand our customers’ requirements and accordingly provide the right cloud solution which befits their needs. We deep-dive into their current infrastructure setup, application and data base setup to clearly understand their core requirements and pain-points,” highlights Vincent Dsouza, CEO, Tekpro.

Handholding Clients on their Cloud Journey
From consulting to implementing, to delivering managed services, Tekpro has been justifying themselves as a one-stop solution, handholding the clients on their entire Cloud Journey. The company does critical assessment of business process to understand their clients’ business needs and objectives regarding the critical parameters. Then the company sees
whether they can enable lift and shift or does it require any re-engineering in certain parameters of clients’ application, so as to make them cloud-ready.

We have, over a period of time, gained that particular expertise on how we can reduce a cost of the current cloud to much more lesser, without impacting the quality or the performance of the systems,” concludes Vincent.

We carefully try to understand our customers’ requirements and accordingly provide the right cloud solution which befits their need

Going Beyond Cloud Migration
Cloud migration is not just the only forte of this company, but goes beyond that by delivering managed services to monitor performance, enable swift and accurate predictions, mitigate and help resolve clients’ issues, and considerably optimize the cost. As security concerns of the data are increasing day-by-day, Tekpro implements a set of control based technology and policies as per the industry best practices to mitigate risk, and also includes data backup plan in case of any data loss. The company also has a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering where they provide a tool for any organization that wants to share the documents for the internal employees or the external clients of the customers, giving access to the only particular folder required. Furthermore, they have an AI enabled email platform called Tittu, which has been specifically launched to help even non-technical business owners to send large quantities of emails regarding their new offers, promotions and updates, news letters to the existing customers/users. It has high deliverability – delivering emails to customer inboxes and is cost-effective.