Technosys Consulting: Efficient Implementation and Management of SAP Systems

CIO Vendor In comparison to a few years ago, cloud computing is now an indispensable ingredient for the success of any business in today’s fast paced technological world. Cloud migration offers some key benefits such as improved service quality, Enhanced Security Features, Easy Monitoring, reduced IT costs and enhanced system performance, thus encouraging the continued growth of SAP cloud migration. However, while this approach comes with its various benefits, migrating SAP database and application environment in tandem with the associated system software can prove to be an arduous task. The success of this migration project demands a skilled solution provider equipped to identify any issues, assess the requirements and resources, map a plan, prepare the infrastructure, perform a successful migration and validate it.

Equipped with a team of skilled technology consultants and experts is Technosys Consulting, headquartered in Pune and supporting to various customers across globe that help chart a successful migration path and ensures complete support throughout the lifecycle of the client’s SAP system landscape right from designing, sizing, execution, installation and to support during operation conducted in a phased manner with multiple pilot runs to ensure success. “We are experts in SAP S/4HANA conversions and Migrations, Upgrades and carry out related activities such as database migration to SAP HANA, Unicode conversions and upgrades,” says Suchit Awalgaonkar, Director at Technosys Consulting. Suchit has assisted in multiple migrations and Upgrade Projects. and is currently working on close to 15 projects that involve SAP Implementation, SAP S4 Conversion, HANA Migration, Upgrade, Support, Disaster Recovery Setup and Landscape management activities with his dedicated team of experts.

A Comprehensive Suite of Offerings
Carving a niche for itself in the market, Technosys is well equipped to meet
and exceed the unique requirements of each of its customers with its key offerings which are Cloud Migration (Private and Public Cloud) SAP S/4 Conversion, SAP HANA Migration (SOH), SAP Version Upgrade, Database Upgrade (HANA, Sybase, Max-DB, DB2, Oracle, SQL), Cross platform Migration, SAP Landscape Monitoring & Management, Mergers and Demergers and Landscape Splits.

We are experts in SAP S/4HANA conversions, Migrations and carry out related activities such as traditional database migration to SAP HANA, Unicode conversions, version upgrade and Landscape Management

Aimed at minimizing risks and increasing the speed of the system processes, SAP System Management offers Daily Monitoring of SAP System in order to maintain the health and performance. In the event any system downtime may occur, a proactive alert feature is available. Database Management including Parameter Tuning, Patch Upgrade and Version Upgrade along with Transport Management Comprising Customization and Workbench Request Management and transport from Development to Production server is also available. Perfectly aware of the impact which an organization’s financial health data loss may have, the company offers daily backups for data loss prevention and backup recovery and management. In addition to this, Periodic Kernel Upgrade, Patch Upgrade and House keeping Activity are extended as system maintenance.

Empowering organizations in their business transformation journey, Technosys aims to continue focusing on and enhancing its cloud migration offerings such as SAP HEC, Google, Azure and Amazon. The team is also working on the new technology integration of Artificial Intelligence and the cloud as its next step towards innovation.