Simple2Call: Improved Access to Connected Devices and Critical Data

CIO Vendor In today’s day and age, the startup culture and large-scale enterprises expanding their operations are opening up significant business opportunities for the cloud telephony services market helping the Indian market witness an increased growth in the cloud telephony sector. This growth is propelled by the solution’s ability to assist businesses to expand geographically, bring down the language and location barrier, make it cost-effective and scalable. Businesses expect cloud telephony solution providers to extend quick services roll out, adaptive offerings, usage-based charging model, capacity on-demand, high resilience, security, responsive support and cost savings.

Meeting all the aforementioned customer expectations and more is Simple2Call, headquartered in New Jersey with its team of expert telecom professionals distributed across India, Singapore, USA and Australia-NZ, by offering its novel Cloud Collaboration and Telephony solutions that focus strongly on the resilience, security and support fronts. “Our approach has been to provide service resilience with high availability design as a default offering for all solution elements including network and applications. Thus, customers get higher service quality and availability benefits irrespective of deployment size,” says Dinesh Kansara, Senior Vice President at Simple2Call.

Driving The Workforce
The company leverages its Cloud Telephony solutions to assist customers in achieving high levels of productivity by furnishing them with the ability to use their distributed workforce for inbound/outbound call processes using the existing smartphone mobile devices. The platform is equipped with API led service delivery that permits customers to seamlessly integrate with the backend, mobile app and CRM for workflow automation. It offers a single unified access which thus leads to simplified customer communication with a single number for calling, texting and chatting. The complete end-to-end solution allows customer to start with the turn-key offering or to customize as per the requirements. “Through our Cloud Telephony solutions, we have helped customers delivering flexibility to expand, contract the capacity without spending on CapEx and build in-house expensive resources,” adds Dinesh.

Crystal clear voice is one of its key distinguishing features that makes use of larger bandwidth for voice call carriage within India and its international networks. The carrier-grade platform includes active & standby mode for all critical components, application servers and networking components at a given site. “With support from telco partners, we are now moving to an industry-first PSTN network level redundancy in India which means traffic on an access number moves seamlessly to another site in case of any eventuality thus delivering higher service availability with this inherent architecture benefits. This is the first distributed network design which can address PSTN access as well as application level geo-diversity,” informs Dinesh. He goes on to tell us how his company aims to continue expanding their international PSTN inbound toll free/DID from existing 100 plus countries, with a strong focus on hard to reach middle-east, SEA and African pockets.
A privately held business in service for more than 35 years, Simple2Call ventured into business in international telecoms over 25 years ago. The company offers Cloud SIP trunk which is an international service offering for customers having international operations with CLI guaranteed routes and toll quality services as well as global inbound toll free in over 140 countries. “We recently launched a new service wherein we deliver local CLI capability in over 50 countries which improves enterprise customers’ outbound call connects by three to four times. In this service, we extend full in-country calling services like access to toll free, directory, emergency calling and so on. Thus, enterprise customers will have services which they get otherwise by deploying SIP trunk infrastructure locally in various markets,” reveals Dinesh.

The Future That Lies Ahead
Having catered to a broad range of SMBs and large enterprises across the globe, mobile PSTN access number for in/out voice, Cloud IVR, Virtual mobile numbers, Fail-over call routing, Call-transfer across PSTN, Cloud contact center, Cloud Recording, Call control APIs, integrated in/out SMS and WhatsApp Business services are the company’s portfolio of service offerings that have been well received across the globe. When quizzed

Our approach has been to provide service resilience with high availability design as a default offering for all solution elements including network and applications. Thus, customers get higher service quality and availability benefits irrespective of deployment size

about the company’s future plans in store, Dinesh says, “We have plans to enhance product API capabilities for covering new age use-cases of traditional Voice, SMS and Whatsapp Business services. Later we aim to add WebRTC video application APIs adding multi-media flavour.” Already bringing a paradigm shift in the cloud telephony space, Simple2Call intends to expand its market reach within India via service provider, system integrator and developer relationships. In India and internationally, the company has commenced its ambitious geo-diversity program for database and PSTN access to significantly increase service availability levels.