PRP Services: An Integrated Platform for Complete Business Communication Needs

CIO Vendor As cloud communication technologies continue to evolve, businesses’ reliance on cloud telephony services for business communication is increasing rapidly. According to recent research report by Transparency Market Research, the global cloud telephony services market is expected to become USD 41,768.3 million by 2026. However, in spite of large-scale availability of cloud communication and telephony solutions, there is still a dearth of unified cloud platform that can cater to the end-to-end needs of enterprises by integrating with third party applications. This is where PRP Services, a New Delhi headquartered company comes into play by offering an integrated cloud communications platform that integrates with disparate applications.

End-to-end Cloud Telephony Solutions
Incepted in 2006, PRP Services provides a wide range of cloud telephony services which include Bulk SMS, IVR & Call routing, Voice calls, Toll-Free numbers, Missed call services, Conferencing solutions, Long code and Short code services etc. helping businesses harness the power of cloud-based telephony solutions for enhanced voice communications. “Being a leading cloud telephony services provider in India, we help our clients achieve improved efficiency, faster processing and lower costs through our cloud-based communication solutions. Our fully automated cloud-based communication platform can easily be integrated with in-house systems such as CRM, Helpdesk, etc. using robust APIs, allowing businesses to use huge data points and analytics for better decision making. We customize the platform to suit the specific requirements of businesses,” informs Rajneesh Dawar, Co-founder and Managing Director, PRP Services. The company also provides CRM Integrations with IVR & PBX solutions.

Improving Lead Conversion
With specific focus on cloud telephony and text messaging solutions, the company helps businesses make and receive phone calls and SMS from anywhere and anytime without any hardware equipment setup. Bulk SMS marketing offers better open rate in comparison to the email campaigns. Helping businesses stay connected with their customers, the company
provides Bulk SMS services which in turn enable them to generate more leads with higher open rate. Voice call services from the company enable businesses to build a virtual call centre for automated and targeted voice communications. This helps businesses reduce the operational costs and improve efficiency by reaching out to the niche customer segments in an effective manner with a single click.

Currently, the company is providing cloud telephony services to an NGO, enabling them to reach out to their target audience. The company caters to a large number of industries including Healthcare, BRO, Enterprise, e-Commerce, Banking & Insurance, Retail, Travel, etc. Some of the major

The company offers services like Enterprise Messaging Solutions, Missed Call Solutions, Long Code/Short code, Toll Free Number, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual IVR Number, Clickto-Call API, Voice Call/Broadcasting Solutions, Call Conferencing Solutions etc

clients of the company include National Jute Board, Titan Company Limited, eMudhra, Fort is Healthcare, Mitsubishi Corporation etc. “We strive to become a one-stop-shop for all business communication needs of the enterprises by delivering fully automated cloud telephony solutions, and are working towards capturing at least 10 percent market share in India,” concludes Rajneesh.