Loyalytics: Driving Customer Loyalty and engagement through Data Analytics Solutions

CIO Vendor As per a report issued by MarketsandMarkets, loyalty management market is expected to grow from USD 6.8 Billion in 2019 to USD 10.9 Billion in 2024, at a CAGR of 10.1 percent during the forecast period. Increased focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience management is one of the prominent factors driving the loyalty management market. With growth in the number of loyalty card holders and increased usage of reward points, businesses are betting big on loyalty management solutions. These days customers expect more holistic engagement strategies from retailers as there is no novelty left in loyalty programs by themselves. There is also a change taking place in customer behaviour as now-a-days they don’t shop/purchase just for the sake of points. Overall customer experience is the one differentiating factors distinguishing one retail/brand from the other. In order to achieve that, customer engagement is of paramount importance.

Loyalytics, a company based in Bangalore, is a retail analytics and technology company focused primarily on customer loyalty and engagement as opposed to the other players who are more of a loyalty engine provider with a few adjacent features in the mix. Loyalytics’ AI driven SAAS platform Insyt.io is a full suite customer engagement and Loyalty management platform. Loyalytics today is positioned as a leader in technology driven customer engagement landscape. Their AI-driven SAAS product Insyt.io enables retailers to execute a highly personalized and contextual customer engagement strategy at scale. Insyt.io encompasses all the 3 components of an effective customer engagement strategy that are:
a) Deep customer understanding and insights:
b) Ability to take actions on customer insights in real-time
c) Robust measurement processes to analyse the effectiveness of customer engagement strategies

Complete Suite for Loyalty Management Platform
Insyt.io takes care of each of these components through various features like detailed business Dashboards, an easy to use marketing automation platform, customer survey builder, fully customizable mobile app for end
customers, multichannel engagement features (Email, SMS, Push notifications etc), extensive promotions engine, Store staff/ Cashier app and last but not the least a series of pre-built AI/ML algorithms for effective customer segmentation and targeting. Through Insytio’s Journey Builder, a retailer can execute highly relevant and personalized marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Whether it is about sending surveys to customers on certain pre-defined triggers or sending them highly personalized coupons for repeat purchase, Insyt.io can handle it all. The product helps retailers execute highly personalized and contextual customer engagement strategy with real-time measurement and improvement functionalities. The simplicity of the solution coupled with tangible benefits that the business reaps in just a few months of deployment are some of the reasons for such a widespread adoption of the platform. Personalization is the most critical component of modern marketing strategies. Through its in-built AI and ML driven algorithms, Insyt.io is able to provide unprecedented insights into user behaviour, enabling retailers to build the next plan of action across their lifecycle encouraging them to take desired actions. For example, Insyt.io’s Predictive churn model can identify customers showing early signs of disengagement and enables the retailer to connect with customer at risk through their preferred channel (sms, push etc.) with the best offers in the products of their choice. Referral programs and Web Forms enabling customer to register from anywhere are powerful channels of customer acquisition and lead to 3x to 4x increase in new customer acquisition.

SAAS platform Insyt.io is a full suite customer engagement and Loyalty management platform

Loyalytics has a focused Research and Development team working on innovation in customer loyalty/ engagement program. The company’s clients are spread over Indian and Middle East market currently. Through Insyt.io, Loyalytics is powering some of the biggest customer rewards programs in the Middle East region and plans to expand to other markets like South East Asia and Australia. With its heavy focus on analytics and technology, Loyalytics is on its way to become the world’s best customer engagement and Loyalty management platform.