Applications Software Technology: Enabling Seamless Transition to the Cloud

Pravin Kumar, CEO

Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing are on every CIO’s priority list today. With seamless connectivity to existing IT investments and data being the greatest advantages, every company, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from cloud technology. Cloud also adds a layer of reassurance around data, since centralized data centers, managed by large Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)and Infrastructure as- a-Service(IaaS) vendors, provide the most secure environments – something typically beyond the reach of most companies. In addition, systems and data stored in the cloud enable accessibility anytime, anywhere, with much better system availability. It is for these reasons and more that cloud technology has been touted as the next big thing to transform the technology landscape after the emergence of the World Wide Web.

Harnessing the powerof disruptive technologies, such as cloud, is a feat that is not easily achieved. While new technology companies are earnestly tapping into the advancements that the cloud has to offer, many existing organizations with legacy, on-premise applications are struggling to adapt and evolve. Further, the market has seen a huge surge in the management of cloud services and solutions in various delivery models, such as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, but managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments has been nothing less than challenging.

Applications Software Technology(AST) LLC addresses these challenges by guiding its clients through their individual digital transformation journeys. Led by former senior members of Oracle Corporation, AST is a full-service information technology solutions company. With a rich history of 23 years, the company has established dominance in the market with prowess in developing, implementing, and architecting information systems based on Oracle technology. Speaking on the vision of the company, CEO Pravin Kumar says, “AST was established on the assumption that successful implementations of enterprise-wide systems depend on an equal measure of software expertise and a complete understanding of the client's organization and industry best practices. This vision continues to guide our organization today and has resulted in unprecedented stability and steady growth. Since 1995, our team of accomplished and talented Oracle experts have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping customers realize the full potential of their investment in Oracle Applications and Technology. This vision remains true as we navigate the waters of cloud technology and how it is changing the landscape of modern computing.”

An Award-Winning Oracle Partner
AST is an award-winning Oracle Platinum partner boasting a skilled workforce with 100% of its team certified in industry-leading cloud technologies, and has delivered over 300 successful Oracle cloud projects across ERP, BI, CX, CPQ, and EPM. With such an enviable track record, the company has emerged as a trusted partner for both Public Sector and Commercial clients, including those in utilities, state and local governments, media, airports, mass transit agencies, education, hi-tech, manufacturing, and many others.

"Since 1995, our team of accomplished and talented Oracle experts have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping customers realize the full potential of their investment in Oracle Applications And Technology."

Transforming Businesses with Modern Cloud ERP
With its ability to automate processes and empower industry leaders with decision-making abilities, ERP remains the backbone for most organizations’ internal operations. However, despite significant investments by IT organizations, most legacy on-premise ERP installations lack the most recent available software releases and patches, and fail to meet the growing needs of present day organizations. AST’s cloud leadership and deep business process expertise guides its customers through unique ERP journeys,be it migration, implementation, post Implementation support, or custom development. The company assists its customers in cloud transition, from the development of an internal cloud strategy and framework, all the way through to ongoing “run and maintain” managed services.
Redefining Cloud BIand EPM
Adoption of Cloud BI solutions has increased significantly in recent years with a great number of users noting success and proven results with these solutions. With there packaging and rebranding of Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service(BICS)into Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC),the product has significantly matured, and AST has been instrumental in enabling customers to embrace the platform. Kumar notes, “The subscription model of these cloud solutions has shifted to processor-based, and as a result, the solution stands to deliver even greater value for customers. The incorporation of ‘Essbase as a Service’ has empowered end-users with new
OLAP capabilities.”

OAC, an already robust and unified product, is further enriched by the host of accelerators delivered by AST. The end result is that organizations can start leveraging the product as quickly as 4-6 weeks.

"Digital Transformation Is The Window Through Which Your Traditional It Can Become A Revenue Earner For Your Organization. And Its Best Achieved When You Have A Strategic Partner Well-Aligned With Your Transformation Goals."

Development of secure, enterprise grade, and cost-effective Oracle-based planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions is yet another area of AST’s expertise. One example is AST’s proprietary Opex Planning solution. Offered in a Cloud(SaaS) model, the platform carries all the capabilities of Hyperion Planning Plus. Kumar adds, “Many organizations have personnel/position-based budgeting requirements that are quite detailed in nature. AST’s Opex Planning solution provides a pre-built, preconfigured application to address these requirements and augment PBCS functionality.”

Solutions and Partnerships to Meet Customer Needs
Pre-configured solutions are also a part of AST’s offerings in the Customer Experience and Human Capital management segments. These are amongst the many critical business functions where cloud computing has exerted tremendous impact. AST provisions affordable, low-risk hybrid and pure-cloud solutions that are quick to implement and cost-effective. This includes pre-configured templates with built-in best practices, project accelerators, data migration tools, and other bundled offerings.

Vidya Khedekar, SVP, Head-Offshore Delivery Center

The customer experience provided by AST is further enhanced by its Managed Services practice, which enables clients to keep their focus on mission-critical business functions, while AST’s team of experts handles the management and support of their cloud and non-cloud environments. With more than 50 satisfied Managed Services clients, AST Managed Services maintains a clear organizational structure, methodology, and tools to support and enhance Oracle and non-Oracle engagements.

Focus on Business Outcomes
At a time when organizations are finding themselves under increased pressure to join the cloud revolution and modernize business operations, partnering with AST, a 5-time Oracle Excellence Award Winner and one of the few system integrators in the world to earn Oracle Cloud Premier Partner status, makes the transition seamless. AST doesn’t simply facilitate clients in their transitions to the cloud, it enables them to leverage the technology to yield desired business outcomes.

AST fosters critical and strategic partnerships to better serve its customers with a wide range of needs. In addition to Oracle’s CX suite, which has gained significant traction in the enterprise segment, AST has also recently partnered with Salesforce to broaden the capabilities offered to each customer. The company’s partnership with MuleSoft, a leading platform provider of API led connectivity, allows its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate the pace of business. Amazon Web Services(AWS) is another new name in AST’s partner network. In the future, AST can be expected to focus on forging additional strategic relationships to better serve its clients in a variety of industries.

Kumar asserts that along with the future growth of the company and its existing resources, continuing to foster a team of high-quality talent will remain a priority for AST.