NetDataVault: Securing Cloud Environments with AI and ML enabled SOC Services

P.N. Jain, Chairman

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way IT is consumed and essentially managed with the promise of improved efficiencies, innovation, quicker time - to - market and scalability of applications on-demand. However, most of the modern deployments are hybrid. Every customer has unique needs across each industry vertical and with multiple permutations and combinations possible in the world of cloud, service providers need to take a consultative approach and suggest the right type of infrastructure that supports the customers’ business strategy and requirements, wherein they are able to effectively streamline the deployment, management and scaling of IT resources while striking the right balance between availability and cost. Although, this exponential growth towards a cloud computing model may reflect substantial benefits, there are issues of interoperability, service quality, security and privacy that still pose significant challenges to businesses.

To address these challenges, NetDataVault (NDV),a Cloud and SOC services company headquartered in Haryana, has come up with India’s first AI and ML enabled SOC as a service platform AiCyber Watch that caters to the needs of BFSIs, NBFCs, Depositories, SMBs and large enterprises alike.

The platform has been engineered on Big Data Architecture that automates real-time Threat detection and Remediation on a single platform that combines out-of-the box capabilities for asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring, SIEM, and log management.

Incepted in 2012, a brand owned by NGBPS LIMITED, a 25-yearold Public Limited Company, NDV boasts of collective 200 man years of deep industry-rich experience and have designed the NDV Cloud Services/ IaaS offering to overcome cyber threats as these cyber attacks become more and more complex and organised.
P. N. Jain, Chairman, NetDataVault, goes on to explain in detail on the security measures undertaken, “Starting at the Facility layer, we are an ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3 Certified Data Center ensuring the highest availability, with ISO 27001 certification to ensure total security against data theft and information leakages, to diminish risks and uncomplicated server security. Modern Security Systems including video surveillance, biometric access control, motion and entry detection cameras with alarms are installed throughout the premise to control access to the NDV Cloud Infrastructure.”

"We are an ANSI/ TIA-942, Tier-3 Certified Data Center ensuring the highest availability, with ISO 27001 certification to ensure total security against data theft and information leakages"

NDVs cloud stores data on enterprise grade storage from EMC and HP having multiple security layers. These security layers are further strengthened by isolation of storage from public network and thick provisioning of storage to negate sharing. NDV cloud is based on hardware virtualization technology isolating cloud servers at the hypervisor layer for additional data security. This explicit virtualization of the physical resources leads to a clear separation between the guest and the hypervisor leading to secure separation. Server Isolation and Security, Storage Security, Network Isolation and Security are other areas that the team continually works on to ensure the highest security.

Other pertinent aspects that customers are on the lookout for is reliability and performance, uncompromising support and transparent pricing, three factors of which NDV undeniably ensures impeccable service and follows the “Support First” policy.

Having attained a massive response for their latest offering AiCyber Watch, the team of technically adept Professionals are currently inthe process of settingup cloud infrastructure or points of presence in Mumbai and Bangalore in the third quarter of 2019.