Sollu: Cloud-based technology platform catering to the entire communication lifecycle of a customer

CIO Vendor Businesses are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach to cater to the growing customer demands. This can be achieved by optimizing the existing IT ecosystem and migrating to ad¬vanced technologies that can ensure a seamless customer experience. Re¬taining customers can prove to be an arduous task in today’s highly com¬plex competitive environment. On-premise call centres are increasingly being substituted by cloud-based call centers as it offers better customer engagement, flexibility in business operations, scalability, low infrastruc¬ture costs and increased productivity. With AI, IoT and ML picking up the pace, businesses have begun rec¬ognizing the potential advantages of cloud-based contact centers in their particular industry verticals. “Ini¬tially, the expectations of an organi¬zation from a cloud communications solution were decreased cost, security of data and analytics, and today the expectations are that of intelligent analytics and management of the en¬tire communications to ensure high levels of efficiency,” opines Fathima Batcha, Founder, and CEO at Sollu.

Perfectly poised to meet every customer’s unique demands is Chennai headquartered Sollu with its cloud-based technology platform that caters to the entire communication lifecycle of a customer. The powerful and scalable platform leverages data analytics for research and evaluation purposes. “We are positioned to provide insights very pertinent to the customer. Sollu does not just play the role of providing the technology to handle the telecommunication needs/ calls of the organization, but ensures that every call is handled and that too in the best possible manner assuring high client satisfaction. This is done by means of our proprietary AI programs and dedicated Customer Success Team,” adds Fathima.
The platform is designed to enable organizations to ensure customer engagement via communication using interactive voice and text messages in the native language. The feature-rich solution proffers SMS text messaging, inbound and outbound calls, poll surveys, personalized messaging and Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). From a simple but intelligent cloud-based IVR system for an SMB to an extremely intelligent 20 person cloud-based call centre, it all can be set up within a few minutes. “Post customer/patient visit, Sollu automatically engages with them and also receives the feedback from them and displays the details to the client and ensures that corrective action is taken if required,” explains Fathima.

Enabling Better Healthcare
Primarily catering to the healthcare sector, Sollu continually strives towards improving the patient’s health outcome with its intelligent patient communication and engagement systems accessible via smartphones and basic phones as well. The company has closely worked with several top hospitals and diagnostic chains across India, migrating from their existing systems to Sollu’s cloud-based technology platform. Clients have observed a significant influx of patients and increased revenues with the deployment of this solution. Gaining a stronghold in this sector, the solution was awarded the prestigious ‘Heroes of India’ award by the AHPI (Association of Healthcare Providers of India) for the immediate setup of a network of doctors during the Chennai Floods when hospital telephone networks were down, with the participation of 100 doctors across Tamil Nadu. Having noticed the value-added services provided by Sollu in addition to having carved a niche for themselves in the healthcare domain, various industry verticals like logistics, food delivery, hospitality and automobile industries are seeking to harness the power of the Sollu system as well.

A fairly new entrant in this market and already making waves across India, the company envisions growing its team strength and expanding to the Gulf, Australia and New Zealand by the end of the year.