MyOperator: Enriching the SME Ecosystem with Cloud Communications

CIO Vendor While cloud telephony is gaining rapid mo¬mentum, the segment is not bereft of challenges. Large up-front investment and the huge manual efforts that scaling traditional business phone infrastructure demands are amongst a few major concerns in the price-sensitive Indian marketplace. This is where MyOperator Inc comes into the fore. Helping businesses overcome the aforementioned and a dozen other associated chal¬lenges, MyOperator delivers a complete cloud-based call management system (CMS) that automates the process¬es effectively and economically. With a focus on SMEs, this New Delhi based bootstrapped company optimizes call management and ensures that all calls are routed to the right agent and no call goes unanswered. This sig¬nificantly reduces the wait time of the caller and ensures that businesses do not lose out on any opportunity.

MyOperator’s CMS provides SMEs with an array of features that satiate their end-to-end communication requirements. Inclusive of a toll-free number, the platform includes an IVR System that enables clients to be available 24x7 to attend to customer’s queries and route calls to the right departments. It also includes Cloud EPABX that helps employees to work from anywhere anytime. Another feature that clients will find quite useful is call tracking. Also available as an app, this feature enables businesses to monitor and track all business calls, whether made, received or missed.
As a result, no opportunity or potential lead is ever lost. The platform also boasts of a call recording feature that can be leveraged to train call executives and enhance their communication abilities as well as the business efficiency. To retarget customers who earlier expressed interest in the business’ service, clients can leverage MyOperator’s remarketing feature. Some of the mediums that the feature utilizes in the process are Facebook and SMS services. The platform also facilitates clients with a detailed analytical report of all calls, both department and user wise, to help analyze the businesses’ call performance.

Addressing the challenge of setting up a manual call center, the company delivers a cloud-based automatic confirmation system (CODAC). Widely popular amongst e-commerce players and pivotal in reducing rejection rates, MyOperator offers CODAC in a pay-as-you-go or pay-per-use model along with customization options.

From a being a small service with a few clients, MyOperator today stands as a full-fledged product growing rapidly. The platform has found implementation with leading names such as Snapdeal, Lenskart, Kebab Xpress, FoodPanda, and many more. Ankit Jain, CEO-MyOperator attributes the platform’s popularity to its simplicity. This simplicity can be found reflected in the platform’s set-up process which only requires one click and a minimal duration of 30 seconds to deploy and get started with. Adding to the product’s appeal is that fact that MyOperator can be easily deployed by anyone without any expert help. Clients are also benefitted with a 24*7 support system.

MyOperator is currently in the process of expanding to the US. The company also plans to steadily extend their footprint to 65 other countries in the future. In conclusion, Ankit Jain shares about MyOperator’s initiative-Startup Program. Under this, budding startups can access MyOperator’s services at zero cost for six months.