ELITE INFO SYSTEMS: Delivering Robust Cloud Communication Systems with High ROI

CIO Vendor Cloud telephony acts as a central platform that serves businesses across every industry vertical, to have a seamless inbound and outbound communication process thereby demolishing location barriers, enhancing connectivity between a buyer and a seller, offering reliability, ensuring scalability and driving efficiency. All this is achieved in a cost-effective manner. As businesses progress towards implementing such advanced technologies, not every solution provider has the ability to meet the client’s unique requirements and ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to a robust cloud communications platform. “Companies do not want to miss the business leads due to regular telecom issues and we are providing the solution with 99 percent uptime,” adds an enthusiastic and proud Chandan Injeti, Managing Director at Elite Info Systems. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Elite Info Systems with its team of best-in-class marketing experts have carved a niche for themselves among SMBs to assist them to gain an equal footing as large enterprises by deploying innovative solutions to help manage business calls in a more professional way. The company facilitates businesses with a comprehensive suite of IVR System Solutions which are Hosted Virtually in a Cloud Telephony Environment for SMBs, Toll-Free Number and Virtual Number Solutions, Missed Call Solutions, IVR Solutions, Progressive Dialer, Bulk SMS and Voice Broadcasting Services delivered effectively at the stipulated timeframe. “As a Cloud Telephony Solution Provider, we are in the position of top five in Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States,” reveals Chandan.

Incepted in 2014, the company prides itself on its delivery of high quality and timely service with a strong local presence. Chandan further explains, “Most of the traditional customers ask for a personal meeting in order to conduct a demo. As we possess a very good sales team, we can reach those customers easily and are able to deliver the solution fast, as per their requirement.”

With the mission to helping companies grow and develop its business in perfect alignment of its set goals as the market continually evolves, Elite Info Systems offers a wide range of Office Automation Services like development of customized desktop and web-enabled applications, hardware sales, firewalls, networking, and troubleshooting. In conjunction with this, the company deals in the supply of Computer Systems and other equipments like Line Matrix Printers, Networking Equipments, and Online UPS. An end-to-end solutions provider, the team with its industry-rich expertise extend their services towards providing installation and maintenance support for its client. Furthermore, the company proffers complete technical support of both software and hardware issues as well.

Having catered to a gamut of renowned clientele in its tenure, Elite Info Systems has already made commitments towards leveraging its expertise and innovative solutions to conduct campaigns for various political parties in South India in the upcoming 2019 elections. Enthralled by the contributions the company anticipates making in this sector, Chandan divulges in the company’s future plans of expansion, “Due to these commitments we are planning to open new branches in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam soon.”