BrainGrid: Customized Cloud Solutions for Improved Business Efficiency

CIO Vendor Given the vital role that IT plays in today's business environment, cloud computing is also fundamentally changing the way that companies operate. Headquartered in Mumbai, BrainGrid Technologies Private Limited provides a broad portfolio of cloud-first information technology services and solutions to clients worldwide. Established in 2016, the company is formed by a group of innovative minds and industry experts, availing information technology, consulting, outsourcing, and next generation services and solution in cloud domain.

Enterprises today run a variety of operating systems on multiple servers with increasing complexity of a plethora of applications. The siloed and multi-location nature of the business adds to the bottlenecks confronting a cloud-first strategy. BrainGrid Technologies, armed with its team of cloud-certified solution architects and the various strategic tie-ups with world leading companies like IBM, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Boston offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for customers adopting cloud-first technology through technology consulting, implementation and cloud migration services for a truly on-demand capacity expansion architecture with the best return on investments.

“Indian Enterprise space with some the top System Integrators moving away from being a true System Integrator to a service-only model”, says Pradeep Salve, COO at BrainGrid. BrainGrid is working out their cloud adoption strategy across various verticals along with their Principals, by showcasing POCs, conducting workshops and sharing customer successes via various joint marketing programs. The company offers a phased-wise/department-wise approach for clients to implement and observe the results before embarking on an enterprise-wise cloud strategy. This approach has been fruitful for BrainGrid.
Cloud Strategy Expertise
A manufacturing industry player, with close to 8000+ employees, running more than 50+ applications and a variety of operating system, sought to move away from its siloed, distributed architecture to a more dynamic, on-demand, agile, and future-ready IT infrastructure. BrainGrid was approached along with several other vendors. Working alongside IBM, BrainGrid migrated the entire infrastructure on cloud in less than 4 months without affecting the client’s operations. This was accomplished by planning scheduled downtimes and within the timelines committed. Resultantly, their operations were streamlined, bringing down their equipment, licensing and manpower costs by approximately 30 percent.

BrainGrid has partnered with few leading providers to cater to security and interoperability challenges

The rapid evolution of cloud technology is impressive, but the immaturity of many cloud solutions today can result in technical incompatibilities, integration issues and operational complexity. BrainGrid has partnered with few leading providers to cater to security and interoperability challenges, while helping customers to work on various cloud provider solutions. A lot of challenges emerge when a business moves an application between clouds. These challenges include rebuilding the application and application stack, setting up the network to give the application the same support it had in its original environment, security, manageability and handling data movement. With a team of trained and certified engineers, BrainGrid deploys technologies such as containerization, cloud optimization, hybrid cloud environments (e.g. in-premise private, public or private-public clouds), for seamless exchange of data as per evolving policies and open cloud standards.

BrainGrid looks forward to expanding geographically over the next 3 years. Having their pulse on consulting clients with latest technologies like AI, ML and Deep learning in mind, BrainGrid is looking at investing big in resources around services and training in HPC, SAP Hana, AI/ML/DL and IoT-based smart solution offerings with reputed partners in the Industry. With such advancements and approach to cloud related business problems, BrainGrid has secured more than 100 customers in the Enterprise space and will continue to deliver quality services in this domain.