AVAYA Driving digital transformation through disruptive innovation

CIO Vendor Digital Transformation today has evolved into a strategic priority for organizations around the world looking to create new avenues of revenue, boost their employee morale and optimize customer engagements. By propelling organizations to leverage the Cloud, Big Data, AI and Mobility frameworks, digital transformation has not only paved the way for enterprises to embrace new ways of working but has also enabled them to streamline their business processes and increase their overall productivity. While on one hand, the adoption of emerging technologies has become pivotal to drive this phenomenon forward, it is the advent of greater communication and collaboration within enterprises that is also drastically fueling the growth of digital transformation. As a result, businesses today are in dire need of new and innovative communication and collaboration tools to draw different silos together and create more simplified, efficient and cost-effective connections. However, moving to smart digital communications isn’t always a smooth journey for organizations as they are confronted with the challenge of choosing the right technology solutions and partnering with appropriate solution providers to aid them in the implementation process. Furthermore, the introduction of digital transformation strategies is accompanied by concerns of budget, expertise, organizational restructuring and the lack of an overall digitization strategy, which further hinder enterprises from transitioning to new business models and enhancing their operational efficiency.

Perfectly understanding these concerns, Avaya has proved its mettle by addressing them with a complete suite of digital communication solutions to guide organizations in their Digital Transformation journey. Being a global leader in digital communications software, Avaya has been focused on providing customers with open, intelligent and customizable solutions for contact centers and unified communications with the flexibility of Cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments. Spanning across hardware, software, professional and support services, as well as Cloud services, Avaya’s solutions have been designed to help enterprise and midmarket businesses increase workforce productivity, customer engagements and customer value by creating seamless communication experiences. Moreover, with the intent to bring Digital Transformation capabilities into its Unified Communications suite, Avaya has been developing communications tools and applications with enough agility to enable businesses to create true transformational change for their consumers and employees. Recognizing that evolving customers, companies and employees’ communication is critical to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation, Avaya leverages the Cloud, automation, and pervasive analytics to optimize communications across employee-to-employee, customer-to-company, machine-to-machine, and machine-to-people interactions. “Unified Communications today is forming the heart of Digital Transformation across most organizations as they leverage Contact Centers to improve customer engagements and serve their customers better,” explains Nidal Abou Ltaif, President - Avaya International. “Avaya stands out in its ability to engage customers across an organization on a single platform with secure, reliable, open and steady technology that allows them to innovate and align with their purpose,” he goes on to add.

Through an expansive business communications portfolio aimed at Digital Transformation, Avaya provides Multi-Channel Contact Centers, Personalized Customer Experiences and innovative services for every market and industry vertical. These services focus extensively on embedding communications into company-wide workflows, helping employees embrace their communication tools through training, automating front and back-office processes and ensuring a human touch in all customer interactions.

Fostering Innovation through an Extensive Partner Ecosystem
With customers today looking to address multiple requirements at once or capitalize on different opportunities, an all inclusive solution isn’t always found with a single technology vendor. Understanding this dilemma, Avaya emphasizes greatly on creating technology alliances and has directed efforts into building an intricate network of technology and channel partners, to jointly create solutions that meet customers’ comprehensive requirements. Strongly believing that innovation can be better fostered through partnerships and collaborations, Avaya follows a unique approach where the company uses partnerships to not only bring in deep technology expertise, co-selling and joint marketing activities, but to also bring customers together and allow them to innovate and build over the technology to meet their requirements. Over the years, the company has also invested significantly in partnerships and acquisitions in the fields of AI and Customer data analytics, to gain a better understanding of its customers and improve this aspect of its business.
In India particularly, Avaya has been instrumental in using partnerships to enable digital transformation for the government sector as well as its enterprise customers, who were seeking to adopt Contact Centers as an escalation handling mechanism during emergencies and to also transform their customer experience. Commenting on Avaya’s approach to partnerships, Vishal Agrawal, MD-India and SAARC, says, “As an all-embracing organization, Avaya brings a completely unique proposition to the table where we bring people together from across organizations, leverage the capabilities of our entire partner network and also provide customers an opportunity to build on top of our technology. This creates an absolute powerhouse of an ecosystem to resolve customer challenges across different functions and enable them with a seamless experience.”

Some of the company’s acclaimed partnerships include associations with AI developers Afiniti and Cogito as well as the customer engagement platforms of Salesforce and Nuance, through which Avaya has been able to engineer AI capabilities into its contact center products as well as enable cross-channel customer service for IVR, mobile and web platforms, to benefit their joint customers.

Infusing Intelligence into Contact Centers
In today’s Digital Era, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has brought in capabilities to extract insights from every interaction, be it direct or indirect, and has subsequently deepened customer relationships. AI in the present day is thus also transforming contact centers by automating routine tasks, predicting customer behavior and serving as a fully customizable tool for all of the call center’s needs. However, AI technology can be truly successful in the contact center only when customer interactions are balanced with empathy to deliver seamless experiences. Perfectly understanding this profound impact of AI on businesses as well as the need for the human touch, Avaya has been focused on engineering AI capabilities into its contact center solutions to optimize every interaction between an enterprise and its customers. Leveraging AI-driven insights to improve user experiences, Avaya has been building on the foundations of its Avaya Oceana (Avaya’s Next-gen Omnichannel Contact Center) and Avaya Breeze (An Integrated Application Development Platform) solutions, in tandem with its ecosystem of partners, to bring these capabilities into contact centers. Through its partnerships with AI/VR developers such as Afiniti, Cogito, EXP360, Nuance, Sabio, Salesforce Einstein, ScoreData, Sundown.ai and Versay, to name a few, Avaya has developed AI-enabled products that add more value to customer interactions through a combination of deep data analysis, cognitive pattern detection, intelligent routing decisions, advisory services for agents and effortless self-service, while ensuring empathy in every service so as to factor human interactions in.

Avaya has also been harnessing Blockchain technology to transform its Contact Center platforms by incorporating more speed and agility into its Customer Experience Management. Recognizing the struggle that organizations face in extracting actionable insights from huge volumes of customer data, Avaya, in partnership with Avanza Solutions, developed its Happiness Index on Blockchain, to enable large organizations to measure and manage sentiments for all their customers. The solution accomplishes this by leveraging Blockchain along with AI and Data Analytics to securely collect and integrate data from multiple sources, such as different contact centers, emails, social media, web and chat platforms. By selectively filtering offline data and monitoring real-time data sources, the Happiness Index allows enterprises to dynamically measure customer satisfaction levels and transform experiences to meet their satisfaction level objectives. “Blockchain has grown to emerge as one of the fundamental disruptors in the IT realm today and Avaya is leveraging this technology to deliver interesting use-cases in Blockchain with respect to Customer Service Interactions,” affirms Savio Tovar Dias, Senior Director- Sales Engineering, Avaya International.

The Road Ahead
Having ventured into diverse industry verticals in a period of almost two decades, Avaya has emerged as a distinguished technology provider in the Digital Communications realm and is widely commended for its innovative offerings in this domain. Leveraging this position, Avaya has devised an elaborate blueprint for the future where the company intends to concentrate on its customers’ needs and innovate to meet their varied expectations. As a part of its R&D initiatives, Avaya also plans to leverage the extensive technology bandwidth and brainwave in India and build solutions which can not only be incubated and marketed in India, but can also be catered to the global markets.