CloudIBN: Growth of Public Cloud & IBN Role in Enterprise Market

CIO Vendor The days of skepticism are about over; 62 percent of companies focus on a combination of public & private clouds from different providers called multi-cloud environment. However, one of the greatest benefits of multi-cloud also presents one of its greatest challenges. Multi-cloud allows organizations to deploy the environment for each and every critical business application, but in doing so, adds several layers of management complexity. Choosing the right partner is crucial to reap the full benefits of Cloud. Pune headquartered CloudIBN, the Cloud services arm of IBN Technologies Limited, provides a 360-degree Cloud expertise including advisory, migration, management, and DevOps etc. CloudIBN has certified expert team for Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (AZURE) and moreover, they are in Cloud domain for more than 17+ years. CloudIBN expertise is capable of taking customer to journey from Private Cloud, Hybrid cloud to Public Cloud.

Aligning business and IT functions, obtaining secure and competent technology, operational efficiency, governance and project management disciplines are some of the real bottlenecks in building a cloud infrastructure. Cloud-IBN delivers an end-to-end solution across infrastructure, integration, business, solution, data, security and mobility. By conducting series of brainstorming workshops with relevant stakeholders, CloudIBN’s certified solution architects break down the complicated process into multiple achievable short sprints. Pertaining to their cloud cognizance and best practices, CloudIBN SAs are able to complete future state definition, including cloud architecture, tools & technologies, processes, total cost of ownership and the managed services requirements. Moreover, a cloud migration brings in a challenge for enterprises to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is best and the order in which applications and environments are to be migrated to the cloud.
With deep expertise in delivering superior customer experience and by utilizing ranked migration tools and supported proprietary tools, CloudIBN ensures cloud deployment in stipulated time. CloudIBN delivers complex migrations in a hassle-free and coordinated manner, by using Proprietary tools. “We provide faster, cost-effective and successful transition with zero business impact”, says Ajay Mehta, Founder and CEO, CloudIBN.

By conducting series of brainstorming workshops with relevant stakeholders, CloudIBN’s certified solution architects break down the complicated process into multiple achievable short sprints

An Instance of Detailed Expertise
A leading billion dollar Travel company relied upon IBN expertise after a very strict vendor evaluation process to migrate its servers located in Indian data center to AWS, including 78 digital assets. This required eliminating migration risks for its top sites that accounted for 75 percent of the traffic volume. When approached, CloudIBN provided a detailed study of the application landscape and proposed the cloud migration strategy and sequence of migration including network, web application firewall, cloud monitoring, and use of ranked and proprietary tools for lift-and-shift scenarios. CloudIBN solution delivered savings of 25 percent on the company’s operational spend through cloud transformation. With several such remarkable accomplishments, CloudIBN further taps into the power of IoT to enable real-time process management and actionable analytics to reduce complexity, lower costs, and accelerate time to market.

CloudIBN further intends to deploy their fully managed IoT services and solution accelerators for industries and scenarios like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces, and connected products.