Alliance PRO IT: Customized Approach to Cloud Computing Services for Unique Business Problems

CIO Vendor Cloud computing has enabled organizations to not only lower administrative and overhead costs, but also turbocharge business innovation and growth. Based out of Hyderabad, Alliance PRO IT Private Limited is an established systems integration company providing end-to end IT infrastructure management services to enterprise across India and globally.

While Alliance PRO IT has been an avid Sales partner for several OEMs, the company’s prowess has always been consultative method of selling. This being the company’s USP, the Alliance team takes great pains to unearth the Business and Technical issue at hand and work with their Architect team to present the best possible solution to the issue. Alliance’s crucial focus is not just on ensuring usage of widely used products such as cloud email, but on uniquely used products in the Office 365 product suite such as Sway, Delve, Teams and PowerBI which are core productivity tools.

Cross Industry Expertise
The MD, Ravi Putta explains how today’s businesses are becoming more comfortable working remotely and delivering services via the Web. Pertinent to this, Alliance performs a lot of their deployments over the web and remotely, be it on premise or Cloud. Alliance PRO has helped a Healthcare BPO and an Insurance TPA to setup their Cloud environments for completely smooth operations. These customers actually deliver their services primarily via Web and phone. One of the main reasons clients choose to move to the cloud is the cost efficiencies of scale and management, with immediate reduction in their cost of services. The aforementioned TPA was able to lower their cost to their customers by a considerable 12 percent after moving to the cloud solution designed by Alliance PRO.
Alliance PRO for a comprehensive solution for moving their entire onpremises servers (50 in number) to the Microsoft Azure cloud with little or no downtime. A downtime could mean a patient’s delayed treatment and so is the ultimate mission critical app. Alliance strategized their cloud movement with a detailed task list containing actionables and outputs listed to the n’th possible detail. The servers were moved in 10 days while ensuring that the cutover from the on premises Datacenter to Azure cloud was carried out within a period of few hours (closer to mid night) when the user load was low. Thenceforth, the healthcare BPO client has been expanding their business operations rapidly in South India. Besides, with the Automatic scale setup initially configured by Alliance, this Healthcare BPO simply runs their operations with varying load factors (high or low) and the Azure cloud provides for the growth when needed. With the right amount of push from the Alliance teams, cloud truly delivered on its promise to ‘Scale with expanding business’. The criticality of the services to be available with very little downtime, made this venture an exceptional deployment.

Alliance’s crucial focus is not just on ensuring usage of widely used products such as cloud email, but on uniquely used products in the Office 365 product suite

Over the last 12 months, Alliance has restructured its business model from being a product sales company to a cloud services provider, delivering mainstream and specialized cloud services. Work is underway to build a Center of Excellence (CoE) for rapid and high-quality delivery of cloud solutions so that customers experience the best possible implementations in the shortest duration with little or no risk involved. With such future developments in progress, led by an Ex Microsoft Services Executive, Alliance PRO IT has been eminently instrumental in transforming businesses into a high quality and customer focused one.