ZeroStack: Providing Self Driving Hybrid Cloud Solutions

CIO Vendor Enterprise spending on in-house data centers, software, and services will grow to over $500B by next year according to Deloitte Global. At this rate half of the IT budget will be spent on this. Enterprises today are looking for solutions that guarantee performance, latency, governance, low-cost and ready-to-use solutions. Businesses are looking for solutions that address the security and latency concerns of the public cloud, as well as the complexity of building their own private clouds.

Headquartered in California, USA, ZeroStack offers an out-of-the-box cloud solution that delivers a private cloud with the ease of use of a public cloud, at a fraction of the cost. Managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud services providers (CSPs) leverage ZeroStack as a means to add cloud services revenue to their sales efforts. Many enterprises have existing infrastructure that is being underutilized due to a lack of private cloud software capabilities. ZeroStack addresses this problem. ZeroStack runs on existing hardware that the customer already owns. It provides an on-premise, self-driving, private cloud solution that you consume just like a public cloud, but at less than half the cost. David Greene, CEO, ZeroStack states, “We are a self-driving private cloud company. By adopting ZeroStack, you have your own on-premises cloud, and you can migrate workloads from VMware to ZeroStack to reduce the cost of private cloud infrastructure. We integrate with AWS for two-way workload migration. Our customers include MSPs, DevOps, and large software development companies.”

In India, ZeroStack is seeing many use cases across customers. Here are the most common use cases:
• Application mobility across Public cloud/AWS: Two way migration from ZeroStack to AWS. Price advantage, and
balancing standard workloads vs bursty/elastic workloads.
• Migration from VMware: ZeroStack is equivalent to'vCloud suite' in features but at 60-70 percent lower cost.
• DevOps: ZeroStack’s Z-AppStore carries approximately 50 App templates to provide self-service and single-click application deployment to developers.
• VM and Container support: ZeroStack offers a single platform to run VMs as well as Containers.
• ROBO (Remote office Branch office) with Centralized management: Multiple sites can be managed centrally with a single UI showing multiple availability zones.
• Big data analytics, R&D.

ZeroStack's Cloud Operating system (Z-COS) converts the on-premises server clusters into a private cloud infrastructure for the user and transforms the enterprise’s existing physical infrastructure into a hyper converged scale-out system within minutes. Nishchal Batra, Head of India Sales, elaborates, “Unlike competing solutions in the market that require specialized hardware to implement the cloud infrastructure, Z-COS enables customers to utilize existing on premises hardware, there by reducing the deployment cost significantly. Z-COS provides a self-healing control system to ensure that enterprises get the high availability they require for mission-critical applications and services.”

ZeroStack leverages AI called Z-Brain to provide cloud solutions. Z-Brain uses machine learning to baseline normal cloud operations and detect anomalies. It self-monitors the cloud and either self-heals the anomalies or alerts the IT staff about the issue. Z-Brain also analyzes and remediates resource allocation issues.

ZeroStack helps DevOps accelerate the development process. Their Z -AppStore provides access to a wide range of ready-made apps using open standard template language. The customers are given the flexibility to customize based on their use cases. This eliminates the need to handle cloud management issues, giving customers more time to enhance the application’s feature sets.