Smartek21: Fuelling Business Transformation with Successful Cloud Migration Strategies

CIO Vendor Cloud Migration Services are being increasingly employed by organizations to migrate their business-critical applications and underlying IT infrastructure. Cloud systems not only peel away the complexity of existing infrastructures, but also equip businesses with a plethora of benefits including enhanced security features, faster deployment times, Automatic Backup & Logging of Key Metrics, improved cost management and greater flexibility as well as collaboration among the staff. Furthermore, Cloud computing also provides enhanced and simplified IT management and maintenance capabilities through central administration of resources, vendor managed infrastructure and SLA backed agreements. However, despite the wide-ranging benefits that encourage enterprises for transition to the Cloud, organizations often encounter a number of roadblocks along the path to effective application and service migration. Some of the primary concerns that challenge enterprises arise from multiple sources, bandwidth capacity constraints, data classification requirements, migration of large datasets and compatibility and interoperability issues. Moreover, according to major research firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC, more than 50 percent of cloud migrations exceed factors such as budget and migration windows, thereby resulting in unexpected business disruption. Acknowledging these challenges and striving to address them at the root, Smartek21 brings a comprehensive suite of cost-effective services and products that are aimed at equipping organizations with effective Cloud Implementation and Migration strategies.

Headquartered in Washington with its global offices located at Chennai, Pune, Dubai, London and Vancouver, Smartek21 serves as a technology partner for companies, providing them with innovative strategies to transform and improve their Cloud capabilities. Recognizing that a complete Application Refactoring and modernization strategy is fundamental for a successful Cloud migration implementation, Smartek21 facilitates enterprises with a comprehensive Cloud Migration methodology that aligns with their business and IT goals to ensure a seamless migration along with quality and data integrity. “Smartek21 has guided and helped enterprise customers to achieve Cloud migration of their application stack by developing a suitable Cloud migration strategy according to their needs,” affirms Sreedhar Narla, India Head, Smartek21. “Having helped customers to successfully navigate and migrate infrastructure and applications to AWS and Azure platforms, we believe that this segment has ample potential for growth and will continue to evolve over the next few years,” he adds. In addition to Cloud Migration, the company also caters to services for Software Design and Product Development, Application Refactoring, ITSM Implementation and Managed services.

With rapidly emerging technology advancements fuelling business demands, Smartek21 believes that the capacity constraints of IT can be best absolved through migration to the Cloud. Consequently, in order to furnish customers with a seamless migration that aligns with their business and IT goals, Smartek21 leverages its experience in various migration projects to devise a strategy that involves the construction of a rollout plan, carrying out the actual migration, and checking and validation of migration results. With pre built tools, connectors, templates and accelerators, the entire migration process is streamlined for predictable, accurate and accelerated transition to the Cloud. Smartek21’s methodology also ensures the data integrity, security and quality of the migration process through the utilization of SSL based connections/tunnels and public/private key encryption methodologies. On the whole, Smartek21’s Cloud Migration Service has been designed to bring customers higher cost savings and an improved ROI through complete process optimization. More over, the company has employed this methodology to help organizations effectively carry out the migration of On-premises infrastructure to the AWS platform as well as migration of data from Legacy repositories to Cloud-based modern repositories. In addition to Data-migration, Smartek21 has also successfully accomplished Document/Site migration from Share-point to Office 365 platforms, for its Insurance clients.

Integrating Disparate Applications with Enterprise Cloud Connect
In order to bring a solution that can blend both processes and data with the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365 platforms, Smartek21 has developed Enterprise Cloud Connect(ECC) to integrate disparate applications and help organizations unlock new levels of enterprise level productivity. As a hyper-acceleration platform, the ECC incorporates prebuilt connectors and accelerators that facilitate the connection of data, devices and people, to perform multiple operations. This feature allows employees to interact more easily with data and processes from multiple lines of business while connecting them directly to Microsoft applications. Furthermore, this application incorporates dynamic dashboards and automated workflows, to bring about streamlined operations and thereby enhances the overall employee productivity. Enterprise Cloud Connect also incorporates a number of Microsoft stack specific accelerators that facilitate integration with Microsoft Azure and on-premise Microsoft applications such as Active Directory, SQL Server, Excel and MS Access. With workflow based user management, this product can accommodate both internal and
external shareholders, while catering to various operations across the Value Chain such as Capturing, Managing, Process, Delivery and Evaluation, thereby meeting the business needs of various lines of business.

Having gained ample experience in Microsoft SharePoint both as a portal and as an Enterprise Content Management platform, Smartek21 has successfully carried out implementation and maintenance of SharePoint systems both On-premises and on Azure platforms. The company also uses its Enterprise Cloud Connect platform to bring innovation and differentiated value to its customers during these implementations.

Smartek21 Facilitates Enterprises With A Comprehensive Cloud Migration Methodology That Aligns With Their Business And It Goals To Ensure A Seamless Migration Along With Quality And Data Integrity

Enhancing Customer Experiences with SmartBotHub
Leveraging an expertise of over a decade in sophisticated UI/UX design and deployment, Smartek21 endeavors to equip customers with compelling chatbot experiences through a Conversational Messaging User Interface- SmartBotHub. As an omnichannel and highly agile platform, the SmartBotHub connects enterprise applications and services with any consumer, allowing enterprise businesses to efficiently engage with their customers and bring more enhanced collaboration to their employees. The platform also provides advanced capabilities to help organizations target specific user audiences as well as create rich transaction data analytics dashboards, to detect customer purchases and employee workflows. “With the IT industry evolving more towards Automation, Machine Learning and other AI related technologies, Chatbots is one specific technology that is being sought after in the present market segment. Our SmartBotHub is our in-house engine to rapidly build chatbots to meet the growing demands of the industry and the consumer. We will continue to invest in this platform to bring innovation and transformative value to our customers,” elaborates Sreedhar. The SmartBotHub thus enables enterprises in building engaging platforms with the internal and external stakeholders, while also providing a conversational approach to create more personalized experiences and improved customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 2006, SmarTek21 has been focused on enterprise technology innovation, collaboration, and driving quantifiable results for its enterprise customers. With a solution portfolio that ranges from full enterprise architecture consulting, software development, and managed services, to end-to-end product realization, the company has been focused extensively on providing an efficient and measurable return on investment for each of its clients. Some of Smartek21’s esteemed clientele includes companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Cambia, T-Mobile, Sap, Telco, Sequent and Yellow Pages, to name a few. The company attributes this success to its 450 member team, which it considers to be its greatest asset in building cutting edge products and solutions that can bring differentiated value to its customers. Smartek21 which follows a Hybrid Delivery Model that emphasizes on both Products and Services, believes in investing in long-term joint success with its customers. “Our Hybrid Delivery Model features hands-on domestic expertise for solution analysis, architecture, visual design, and project management - combined with a dedicated offshore team for cost-effective development. Our team continuously innovates to provide new approaches and solutions for solving business problems as well as adapting to our customers, associates and partners’ needs,” reveals Sreedhar.

With a unique blend of cloud-based products and solutions built across various technology platforms, Smartek21 aspires to emerge as a market-leader in the niche areas of Chatbots and Conversational platforms as well as API/Micro services based architectures. In addition to building cutting-edge products and solutions in these areas, the company intends to expand its footprint across the globe and fuel innovation in the Fintech, travel and Insurance sectors. Smartek21 also hopes to venture into niche areas such as Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and IoT in the upcoming future.

Scopra Media- Unlocking the Value in Multimedia Content
In a pursuit to bring differentiated value to its clientele, Smartek21 helps organizations unlock the potential in their media content through ScopraMedia- a next generation multimedia platform.

Recognizing that organizations frequently grapple with increasing the visibility of their multimedia assets, Smartek21’s Scopra Media platform simplifies the process of sifting through vast streams of content, to help organizations enhance and improve the visibility of relevant and engaging media, thereby bringing them a higher ROI.

With a highly intuitive User Experience, Administration and Analytics embedded into it, ScopraMedia enables natural-language search of video content and chapter segment navigation, as well as real-time data analytics and reports, to produce specific hyper-relevant search results.