Seagate Technology: Maximizing Storage Efficiency with Cost- Effective Solutions

CIO Vendor Born out of the dire needs of massive data storage and backup, cloud storage solutions, are becoming a common necessity to businesses of all sizes today. Owing to the remarkable advancements in internet connectivity and demand from industries like BFSI for storing their hypercritical data, India is not lagging behind in its contribution towards global cloud storage market growth. As the storage solutions' demand increases, Seagate Technology steps to the fore with its bouquet of Enterprise Storage Solutions which encompasses HDD, SSD and system solutions etc. "Seagate has been a pioneer in HDD for almost 40 years and specializes in delivering customized solutions to enterprises. Presently, we store more than 40 percent of world’s data in our drives. Moreover, Seagate offers one of the broadest SSD and flash portfolios to address a wide array of enterprise storage requirements,” unveils Bob Yang, vice president of Asia-Pacific sale at Seagate Technology. Additionally, it is one of the top companies in supply chain operations worldwide with more than 9000+ patents.

Globally, as enterprises evince peaked interest in its cloud storage solutions, Seagate always pays heed to the best optimized solution for the application. According to Bob Yang,“We see ourselves not just as a storage provider, but a business partner who can develop the best of breed solutions. Our outstanding storage solutions can provide the best combination of performance and capacity to enterprises in addition to their respective IT infrastructures”. Besides, the uniqueness of the company not only lies in its storage products but also in the way it tackles storage management challenges. “Seagate brings out the largest portfolio of enterprise storage solutions that are purpose-built for a multitude of applications, workloads and storage tiers for attaining optimum storage efficiency. We
specialize in high performance storage solutions for reinforcing real-time business responsiveness and meaningful insights,”reveals Bob Yang.

At present, enterprises are looking to find the right mix of IT investments between flash systems and hard disk drive systems. In such a scenario, Seagate comes to the fore with a wide array of SSD and flash storage solutions to meet every storage need of a business. “We offer multiple NAND flash memory partnerships for greatest product flexibility and availability. Seagate has recently launched its new All- Flash and Hybrid storage arrays for bringing Flash Performance benefits to more Data Centers and leveraging existing HDD investments” affirms Bob Yang.

We see ourselves not just as a storage provider, but a business partner who can develop the best of breed solutions

A side from effective storage management, Seagate facilitates quick, accurate and secure access to information. Its largest portfolio of HDDs allows enterprises to attain suitable solutions that meet overall business performance capacities. As an example, Bob Yang explains on Seagate's Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD 12TB which incorporates technology advancements to address critical requirements that hyperscale customers face in the era of exponential data growth. This drive has the ability to locate and organize the increasing amount of unstructured data they possess and makes it available quickly and reliably to customers.

Moving ahead, Seagate plans to pay attention to innovative technologies like Shingled Magnetic recording (SMR), Helium and Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) to build high-capacity HDDs.