QuantM Limited: Demystifying the Migration to the Cloud

CIO Vendor The disruptive Cloud technology is attracting more and more businesses to get on board. However, the large enterprises, SMBs and even start-ups that are looking to adopt Cloud need a niche technology partner who can effectively orchestrate, plan and execute successful cloud transition. Gurgaon based QuantM Limited is one such partner that simplifies and accelerates their transition to cloud by offering expert guidance. “QuantM is a consulting partner with AWS, Google, IBM Softlayer and Azure, and has gained a skilled team to deliver projects. Our efforts in AI, IoT and cloud landscapes, aid us in addressing evolving needs of our customers and increase market reach,” unveils Pawan Khurana, CEO of QuantM Limited. With 23 years of extensive experience, QuantM has been making strategic efforts to create new growth opportunities and endeavouring to stay ahead in adoption of new technologies. It delivers a portfolio of services which comprises of Cloud Migration, Cloud Management, Shared Services, Managed Services and more.

QuantM offers a comprehensive cloud transformation cycle right from cloud consulting to governance risk and compliance, and application modernization. “Our cloud services support the entire cloud adoption lifecycle from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations. We optimize agility, security and performance, which results in improved cost saving for our clients. Also, we work in AI and automation segments that fuel our clients' cloud transformation,” says Pawan Khurana. QuantM creates a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption which commences from cloud assessment phase where cost, architecture readiness and security are assessed, so that POC can be planned as per the assessment. Moreover, it helps customers leverage cloud technology by creating auto scaling, automation and high
availability. Recently, QuantM has developed a new tool for automating mail migration from a specific platform to cloud platform, hence leading to 30-35 percent abridged delivery cycle and improved data integrity. QuantM's service delivery team can offer performance tuning and monitoring to improve the efficiency.

QuantM is a consulting partner with AWS, Google, IBM Softlayer and Azure, and has gained a skilled team to deliver projects

To help organizations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise, QuantM offers Cloud Management Services. “Our Network Operations Center platform securely and seamlessly ensures advanced monitoring, remediation and governance and management,” affirms Pawan Khurana. The company’s certified resources are available 24/7 to react quickly and troubleshoot effectively.

With Infrastructure Integration Service, QuantM's team delivers integration services across networks, distributed server and mainframe systems, storage, devices, protocols, infrastructure and application processes. The team offers even complex integration services by optimizing simple hierarchical model which is bound by security standards, and provides more robust, resilient and highly available platform along with SLA.

Aiming to become a formidable IT player across technology segments like cloud, analytics, AI and IoT, QuantM has been making strategic investments in these technologies over the last few years.“We will invest in skill development around these technologies to continue developing more innovative solutions in future,” concludes Pawan Khurana.