QiO Technologies: Deploying Advanced Analytics to Achieve Smart Manufacturing

CIO Vendor Digitization is playing a vital growth in the industrial sector. The current trend of data exchange and automation in manufacturing technologies is heralding the next industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things, cloud computing and cyber physical systems has enabled machines and devices to autonomously interact with each other with information transparency and the ability to make informed decisions. This will drive manufacturing operations to be more flexible, improve productivity and encourage efficient business practices. However,many organisations are struggling with the concept of how to embrace Industry 4.0.

The onus is on technology providers to educate and provide innovative solutions to unlock trapped productivity. QiO Technologies, a fast growing Industry 4.0 software company with operations in Pune, India has brought to market NAUTILIAN platform-as-a-service which is a cloud-native, multi sided platform that enables industrialists to exponentially increase productivity and accelerate Industry 4.0.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in London, England, QiO enables global industrials and manufacturers to quickly improve operational efficiency, productivity and safety. The team, rich in industry experience,partners with its clients to rapidly design, develop, and deploy predictive analytics and applications, based on open source technologies, assisting engineers to improve operational integrity and bring forth new business opportunities.

Baz Khuti, CEO and Co-founder, QiO Technologies adds, “We provide advanced analytical applications directly to industrial engineers.” The company’s advanced product portfolio includes solutions to optimize production, predict unplanned machine failures and reduce energy consumption.

The NAUTILIAN platform delivers tremendous value through a range of cutting edge applications. The applications can be
deployed in any cloud environment with a drastic reduction in time to market, aligned with improved cost and performance. Understanding that security is a major concern for organisations, the platform monitors, protects and authenticates data and network traffic. Furthermore, deploying scalable micro services, continuous deployment capabilities, allows for faster cycle time and higher reliability.

NAUTILIAN platform-as-a-service is a cloud native, multisided platform that enables industrialists to exponentially increase productivity and accelerate Industry 4.0

QiO’s NAUTILIAN platform and Industry 4.0 applications can also be deployed on an Industrial Edge Cloud appliance, that directly connects to industrial assets, which puts processing at the edge, closer to sensors and devices, providing analytics and intelligence at the plant. Raw, time series based data sets are filtered, standardised and integrated into a local, secure, fault tolerant and distributed file system. Mr. Khuti continued, “The assimilated data can be streamed back to a private data centre or cloud for ‘fleet view’ analysis. High speed clusters of parallel computing resources accumulate, transform and convert chaotic raw data streams into meaningful datasets for analysis and applications.”

In addition, the NAUTILIAN platform permits industrial engineers to design applications utilizing templates and open-source software components thereby dramatically reducing software costs. Mr. Khuti concluded, “Our software does not tie our customers to costly contracts with large incumbent software vendors but allows customers to own sovereignty of their data and intellectual property.”

With global operations and a scalable, low cost software platform, QiO Technologies enables customers to accelerate their Industry 4.0 initiatives.