MTW Labs: Simplifying and Automating the Process of Cloud Migration

CIO Vendor According to Gartner, Inc., a trillion dollars in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud by 2020. This can be attributed to the opening of data centers by Amazon, Microsoft and others. In order to keep up with the change, the people in the networking industry would have to upgrade their skill set as the cloud industry is going to create almost around a million jobs in the next five years. 20 percent of the IT industry has its own local data centers and is looking to move to the cloud. Comprehending the need for this transition, Rohith Reddy established MTW Labs with a vision to simplify and automate the process of cloud migration.

Currently, the company offers two cloud migration services namely Migration as a Service(MaaS)and Project Migration as a Service. They make the process of cloud migration more efficient and simple. MTW Labs understands the need to upgrade to cloud services from legacy software’s as the applications need to be scalable in the modern day.“Any company that comes on-board for migration, we make sure that the application follows the micro services architecture standard which makes it easily scalable,”states Rohith.

MTW provides managed services to companies who wish to move to cloud with 24x7 critical support. The people in the support team are Certified AWS developers and offer round the clock support to their customers. The company has automated the process for all the general use cases. However, if a client faces a difficult problem, it immediately triggers a call to the support team.

The company also offers Product Development, Tech Accelerator and Training Services. Rohith explains “We help
companies and startups in their journey towards a digital economy by developing scalable Web, Mobile & Data Analytics Applications which help the businesses solve critical problems and drive them towards decision making.” Through tech Accelerator Program, the company helps non tech founders build tech products. He further adds, “We work as a tech partner, build a product for them, take ownership of technology and the founders can focus on Sales, Strategy & Execution leaving the rest to us.” The company also leverages its expertise in JavaScript to offer training services to students. It takes a practical oriented and learn by doing approach while imparting training.

We help companies and startups in their journey towards a digital economy by developing scalable Web, Mobile & Data Analytics Applications

What differentiates MTW from its competitors is the fact that they have built expertise in a single stack and have become Subject Matter Experts in building Scalable Web & Mobile Apps using JavaScript. The company focuses on becoming a Technology Partner to its clients rather than just being a service provider. MTW aims to continue innovating with its existing services like Tech Accelerator & Product Development. The company aims at increasing its turnover to USD 5-6 million in the next three years and help closer to 300 people to get into jobs through the training program 'CodeCamp' by the end of 2018. "We also aim to launch training programs in Data analytics and Cloud Computing," concludes Rohith.