Kovai Systems India - Unlocking the Full Potential of the BizTalk Server Environment

CIO Vendor We have witnessed seismic shifts in the cloud landscape over the past decade. However, over time, organizations are undergoing the need for better integration of their discrete systems both on-premise and cloud. Microsoft BizTalk server is one of the most deployed integration servers in the industry. Yet businesses are struggling for a strong foothold and are trying to work around the operational, monitoring and integration bottlenecks as it demands skilled BizTalk professionals to maintain the applications. Moreover, the standard tools do not offer the security and governance required and have the need for external tools for proactive monitoring. Coming to the fore is Kovai Ltd., established in 2010, with one of the world's first web-based production monitoring tool for Microsoft BizTalk Server; BizTalk360. Saravana Kumar, Founder and CTO, Kovai Ltd. says, “BizTalk360 solves three core challenges, Security/Operations, Monitoring and Analytics for enterprise customers using Microsoft BizTalk Server.” An award winner of the “Integration MVP of the year 2013” by Microsoft, Saravana, goes on to explain how the company decided to dedicate their industry-rich expertise and attention towards in-depth operations and monitoring solution for BizTalk Server, Azure Service Bus and Serverless. The company discovered that to engineer products on top of the aforementioned niche technologies requires a significant amount of subject matter expertise and seamless executions, both of which Kovai Ltd. undoubtedly assures and develops innovative products to cater to this segment.

Headquartered in the UK with an Indian based office in Coimbatore, Kovai Ltd. has relentlessly worked towards developing cutting-edge tools for enterprise customers and has proudly catered to more than 500 customers.
The company extends its services towards businesses across a spectrum of verticals with their products; BizTalk360, BizTalk360 Cloud and ServiceBus360. The on-premise solution, BizTalk360, has complete control over the organizations BizTalk server environment and ensures a reduction in operational costs. The product can be installed directly on of the BizTalk Servers or it can be installed on a standalone machine. Offering detailed insights, businesses prefer to adopt the platform for their monitoring requirements in order to minimize risks, track different processes and enhance the efficiency of the in-house team.

BizTalk360 solves the three core challenges Security/Operations, Monitoring and Analytics for enterprise customers using Microsoft BizTalk Server

Continually striving to meet and exceed the customer’s ever-growing demands, the company observed some client’s preference towards a simple monitoring solution without the need for installing and configuring anything on-premise and so Kovai Ltd. introduced the BizTalk360 Cloud. The installation of a small light-weight agent is necessary, post which the agent amalgamates and transfers metadata related to the environment onto the cloud. Furthermore, Kovai Ltd. has a centralized portal in the cloud to facilitate monitoring.
Diligently striving to build robust tools to enable the full usability of such platforms, the company is already working on two promising products in stealth mode that are scheduled for a launch in March 2018. Continually endeavouring to maintain the phenomenal progress attained in this domain, Kovai Ltd. aims at steadily releasing at least one new product a year.