Cinesoft: Revolutionizing the Way We Perceive Content

CIO Vendor With the proliferation of media, video consumption has escalated. PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a boon for the content creators to ensure their digital presence without investing in infrastructure, making it an affordable medium. Television and other forms of traditional content delivery are ceding ground with the ubiquity of smart phones that acts as the main catalyst in the accelerated adoption of leveraging mobile phones as a revolutionary tool in the broadcasting industry. These transitions in technology are having an immense influence on consumer behaviour. Live streaming is changing the way content is delivered and providing brands an opportunity to connect with the targeted audience.

Cinesoft, headquartered in Kerala, a leading player in OTT (Over-the-top content) technology, have developed their own novel OTT platform with all modules from content acquisition till monetization. The cloud managed Cinesoft OTT platform caters to a broad spectrum of verticals in streaming dedicated channels and videos that can be accessed through any device, anytime and anywhere. With the ability to reach out to the targeted audience, the platform provides a holistic view to analyze customer insights to help monitor the business growth and monetize from various avenues. “We are one of the very few One Stop OTT solution providers in Asia. With our own platform, infrastructure, efficient and foremost experience and services, we are able to provide the best pricing in the industry,” reveals Anil Nair, CEO, Cinesoft, believing this sets them apart from vendors providing similar solutions. In addition to this, the platform is integrated with all major payment gateways and digital wallets in India.

Currently, the company’s infrastructure has the capacity to down link and publish more than 500 linear channels. Additionally, the company confirms having their own data
center which acts as the backup of cloud infrastructure used; another plus point.

Established in 2009, Cinesoft and their 50+ engineers with their vast industry rich experience specialize in open source/free software development and customization for the entertainment and media industry and production of high quality family entertainment through the use of computer generated (CG) animation. The solutions extended to businesses by Cinesoft encompass Platform as a Service, Cine home OTT, Data Free TV and UGC Platform Nexgen media.

The cloud managed Cinesoft OTT platform caters to a broad spectrum of verticals in streaming dedicated channels and videos that can be accessed through any device, anytime and anywhere

The unique entertainment platform, Cinehome, is a collaboration of television, music, books, games and more to the global community with a compatibility to cross platforms and multiple devices. In conjunction with this offering, Data Free TV, a revolutionary product, assists the ISP’s to deliver TV channels and on demand video content to the primary home screens through their existing fiber network without data consumption. “We offer Data Free TV as a PaaS and the ISP’s can start and compete with the upcoming giant players in this segment with minimum investment, Quality and reliable back end supports,” proudly adds Anil.

Enthralled by their progress in this sector, Cinesoft has plans of expanding into neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Middle East by the end of 2018.Further more, the company aims at attaining the position of being in the top five OTT solution providers in the world over the next five years.