Akamai Technologies - Empowering Organizations to Accelerate their Businesses

CIO Vendor Enterprises today are leveraging the Internet and various media platforms to reach out to their target audiences and drive customer engagement. The quality of their digital presence, in terms of availability, reliability and security, acts as a lynchpin towards driving brand equity and top-notch customer experience.

Internet traffic has witnessed a dramatic growth in the past decade, touching nearly 180 TBps. This translates into an overwhelming amount of data and an increased potential for cyber threats such as data breaches or malicious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that overwhelm website servers resulting in longer time to respond to legitimate user requests leading to difficulty in user retention. There is an escalating need to secure critical information and make data accessible to customers anytime, anywhere and on any device. However, content is delivered to its end users via a myriad network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), where cost optimization often supersedes best performance while routing content from the source to users.

This often results in less than optimal accessibility, availability and reliability for conducting business on the web. This problem is further aggravated by contemporary trends such as enterprises moving to a hybrid cloud and on-premise environments for data and applications, increasing the amount of sensitive data such as identity tokens and financial transactions traversing the internet, and the increasing affordability of data making Indian consumers use mobile devices to shop online and consume live and on-demand media instead of through a television.

Akamai Technologies, founded in 1998, has evolved from being a content delivery network to one of the largest Cloud Delivery Platform providers. It facilitates businesses with its massively distributed and business-ready platform enabling content delivery and making applications fast, reliable and secure. As of August 2017, Akamai has a footprint of over 200,000 servers across 130 countries, providing businesses with the ability to reach users across the globe. In essence, an Akamai delivery server is within one network hop of 90 percent of internet users globally, ensuring the best possible user experience. The platform currently serves two trillion internet interactions per day through intelligent traffic visualization and mapping users onto the most optimal servers.

Enabling Businesses for Global Reach and On Demand Scalability
Akamai Technologies, enabling businesses to embrace revolutionary trends like mobile, cloud and IOT, has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and two offices in Bangalore. The company has one of the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platforms, providing the most secure digital experiences on any device, anytime, anywhere. The company claims that if one has ever shopped online, downloaded music, watched a web video or connected to work remotely, chances are they use the Akamai's cloud platform.
With a team of experienced professionals, Akamai Technologies enables every type of digital experience across a broad spectrum of devices and emerging technologies such as mobile, IoT, AR/VR, and 4K. Akamai Technologies closely works with enterprises offering managed services to provide all-round monitoring and support enabling companies to focus on their core business. The organization’s solutions portfolio spans across Web, Enterprise, Security, Media and Networks. The solutions are also customized to serve mid-sized businesses as well as large scale enterprises. In addition to the Akamai Intelligent platform and a broad range of robust solutions, the company has 24/7 monitoring and support centers called Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) and Networks Operation Command Center (NOCC) in Bangalore, with close to 1700 qualified experts in India diligently working across various functions.

Eliminating the Complexity of the World Wide Web
Providing customers with the ability to easily and efficiently customize and deliver content and applications, Akamai currently delivers up to 30 percent of the total interactions on the worldwide web which is a whopping 60TBps of data. Consequently, the company has the capability to identify a wide range of malicious attacks and to deflect, filter and withstand security threats by continually analyzing the data from the transactions it manages.

Akamai facilitates businesses with its massively distributed and business ready platform enabling content delivery and making applications fast, reliable and secure

Apart from secure access, enterprises and businesses understand the need to achieve zero downtime and accelerate performance for satisfied customers. Yet, traditional hardware load balancing appliances alone fall short, as they do not account for Internet bottlenecks that affect an end user’s ability to connect to an appropriate data center. Akamai uses Global Traffic Management algorithms to connect internet users to websites and IP applications with ease. Applying an internet-centric approach to global load balancing, users are provided with improved site availability and responsiveness, even in events of unprecedented peak traffic loads, without requiring huge capital expenditure out of pocket. When combined with an Akamai delivery acceleration service, Global Traffic Management also helps in accelerating the delivery of dynamic content.

Backed by their futuristic products, Akamai Technologies caters to over 300 customers in India in a gamut of industry verticals like e-commerce, financial services, manufacturing and media and entertainment. These include 5 of the top 5 high tech firms, 3 of the top 3 stock exchanges, 5 of the top 5 M&E firms and 5 of the top 5 e-commerce firms. With a proven track record of delivering successful cutting-edge solutions, Akamai Technologies continually endeavours to stay abreast with trending technologies at each stage of the workflow while skillfully maintaining the integrity of the individual user interactions on the web.