Acronis: Delivering End - to - End Data Protection Solution

CIO Vendor The Cloud Storage market is estimated to swell to USD 74.94 Billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of more than 25 percent. A deeper examination of the present market scenario reveals that two out of every three global businesses have adopted some form of cloud-based storage. In addition, a whopping 93 percent of SMEs in the US alone have been estimated to have backed up a significant segment of their data with cloud solution providers. Trends such as these certainly raise the question- Why is cloud storage steadily catching up as organisations’ choice of storage model? Including the noticeable advantage of elimination of costly infrastructure, the market’s drive towards cloud storage can be attributed to a number of factors such as every organisation’s need for lower Capex with Opex and the robustness of the network infrastructure. However, a prime requirement that organisations often look for in a cloud storage solution is its ability to securely provide the cloud backup while entrusting remarkable control over the data to the end users.

The aforementioned advantages tied together with the prime requirement of full control over data are in fact some of the factors in which the US headquartered Acronis International GmbH leads the market. Operating from Mumbai in India, this firm brings in an extensive experience spanning across 15 years in protecting data of over 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 145 countries. With an array of physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment solutions and products developed for consumers, small medium businesses, and enterprises, Acronis aims to successfully team up and add value to their partners.

Describing Acronis’ position in the market segment, Rustom Hiramaneck, Chief Strategy Officer, Acronis asserts, “Our ability to seamlessly offer on-premise and cloud backup across various platforms and workloads positions Acronis extremely well in this market. We strongly believe that organisations should have three sets of data on premise, cloud and hybrid, with effective data recovery services. Acronis simultaneously provides all of that while allowing you to choose the best way to manage your data security.”

A proven software-defined storage approach
Adopting a proven software-defined storage approach, Acronis has rolled out the Acronis Storage which offers businesses a safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or system, anytime and anywhere in easy steps. Integrated with comprehensive and cost-effective Acronis Backup Cloud, Acronis Storage brings in the ability to back up everything from disks, partitions, servers, data, and mobile devices and also recover back anything quickly, be it files, folders, applications, to an entire system. These backups are safeguarded across 14+ Acronis’ ultra secure data centres which are Tier IV designed and SSAE-16 compliant. Rustom Hiramaneck adds, “Our technology, including Acronis Active Protection and Acronis Notary, which work closely with a number of solutions including the Acronis Backup, provide an additional anti ransomware layer of defence, along with the benefits of improved performance, the ability to work both in cloud and on-premise as well as in both virtual and non-virtual. This is really a unique way in which we empower our customers to manage their own data.”

Addressing the complete IT requirements for backup and disaster recovery
Speaking of the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service’s ability to address the complete IT requirements for backup, disaster recovery and archiving, Rustom Hiramaneck reveals that this is a high performing hybrid cloud solution that protects and restores the clients’ data and servers both on-premise and in the cloud in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Taking us further through the capabilities of the solution, the Chief Strategy Officer elucidates that the solution provides flexible recovery time objective (RTO) options and customer definable recovery point objectives (RPO) along with archival retentions. Powered by the Acronis Any Data Engine, Acronis Disaster Recovery Service enables organisations to reliably recover servers or entire datacentres from an access-anywhere cloud console. A key value add to Acronis Disaster Recovery Services is the team of Acronis’ experts who aid clients in their attempt to keep the IT systems up and running.

In close alignment to the widespread utility of Mac systems
Acronis File Connect is yet another solution that has been designed in close alignment to the widespread utility of Mac systems across enterprises in the world today.
Trends such as these have forced IT to look for varied ways to integrate these new systems into their preexisting Windows environment. Acronis File Connect addresses this environment as a file and print sharing solution that integrates Macs into enterprise and eliminates SMB protocol bugs while providing the advantage of rock solid compatibility and performance. Acronis Files Connect also allows Mac users to take advantage of several key features such as fast and full content search using Network Spotlight, glitch free operations when using key applications and automatic backups using Time Machine when connected to Windows or NAS file servers. Moreover, the solution expands beyond Mac systems to provide fast, seamless file access to mobile devices and tablets, including those running on Android, and Windows operating system. Acronis Files Connect further brings in the ability to overcome critical Mac SMB problems with improved AFP support, including long delays mounting shares, file corruption, crashing applications and much more. With easy integrations with the key Windows infrastructure, Acronis Files Connect indeed brings forth the best of both worlds.

Adopting a proven software-defined storage approach, Acronis has rolled out the Acronis Storage which offers businesses a safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or system, anytime and anywhere in easy steps

Full image backup on Windows and Mac
One of Acronis newest upgrades, Acronis True Image 2018 protects every thing with full image backup on Windows and Mac: the operating system, programs, settings, files, and boot information. Combined with AI and equipped with anti ransomware and blockchain, the solution brings in the capability to back up everything from destination selection of external drives, NAS devices, network shares, and the cloud; to phones and tablets and even Facebook and other devices. With Acronis True Image Premium edition, organisations can gain the advantage that Acronis Active Protection brings into the system.

Moving towardsAI and Blockchain technology
Acronis is driven by a team of industry experts and seasoned professionals from around the globe, working together with a single focus to innovate breakthrough solutions that not only help but also empower consumers, SMEs and enterprises to protect their most precious asset- the data with utmost reliability and security. Rustom Hiramaneck says, “Thanks to the team’s effort, we are currently in the hyper growth stage and successfully strengthening our footprints across India and the globe.” In conclusion, the Chief Strategy Officer states, “Acronis has been very focused on providing end-to-end data protection. We live in the cloud and our recent series of product launches, like Acronis Backup 12.5, Acronis True Image 2018 and Acronis Cloud 7 brings us closer to being able to provide a much more secure solution to the market. Our ability to provide Active Protection feature was certainly very timely, when the world was suddenly hit by a series of Ransomware attacks. That actually helped us draw users’ attention closer to their data security.”

In the near future, we can expect Acronis to stand strong as a data protection company leveraging advanced AI and Blockchain technology built into their software defined storage solution to ensure that all the data is safe and secure irrespective of the workload.

Bringing forth a unique proposition to the market
When asked about the factors that differentiate the company, Rustom Hiramaneck elaborates, “The Hybrid Cloud Architecture that we created is an evolution for current and future data protection solutions. Imagine all your data protection solutions managed by a unified centralized web console a user interface in the cloud or on-premises,which manages all forms of data. Acronis already delivers first-class Backup, Disaster Recovery, File Sync and Share and Monitoring solution using this architecture. This allows for the unique flexibility to deploy our solutions anywhere in public or private clouds, use it directly from Acronis or partner’s clouds, or deploy on premises. This architecture protects all the data on any workload – cloud Microsoft Azure, Amazon or Office 365, as well as on-premises physical Windows and Linux, virtual systems, applications and even mobile devices.” Touching upon the firm’s ability to safeguard the entire ecosystem, Rustom delineates that these solutions store data in the cloud, via FTP and SFTP, as well as on-premises on disks, tape, NAS and SAN devices. Unique technologies such as Active Restore, Instant Restore and vm Flashback enable the recovery of the data as well as the entire system. The solutions go beyond traditional storage solutions to enable users to recover workloads even on dissimilar hardware - virtual or cloud, as well as migrate workloads across platforms. With additional Cloud Disaster Recovery, Replication and High Availability solutions, Acronis Protects the Entire Business- On-premises, Remote, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Mobile.