Totient Business Solutions - Partnering with Cloud Giants to Ensure Faster ROI for Clients

CIO Vendor According to a recent RightScale report, hybrid Cloud deployments are up almost 10 percent from last year while public Cloud implementations rose by 25 percent. Conveniently deciding that it’s time for Cloud, however, doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing as there are a number of challenges faced by businesses when making this transition. Forefront among them stands ‘Integration Inefficiencies’. The question, ‘How will new Cloud systems work with my legacy solutions?’ irks the C-level suite, thus urging them to look at vendors who can help them not only set up an exemplary Cloud infrastructure but also migrate mission critical information seamlessly.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Totient Business Solutions’ Cloud Strategy offerings help organizations to implement the Cloud Services effectively in a secure and reliable manner. The company proffers solutions in areas like Infrastructure (Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Servers), Services (Identity (OAuth, OpenID) and Payments (Amazon Flexible Payments Service, PayPal). Moreover, Totient is well versed in proffering Solution Stacks like Java, PHP, Python Django and NET. Meanwhile, the company's re-engineering and migratory services helps clients to efficaciously migrate from legacy systems to Cloud and Mobile infrastructure seamlessly. "Our team of experts study client's legacy system to propose a new architecture that will suit the client’s specific requirements. Our deft product engineers then build the system and undertake migratory services without affecting the client's business activities," says Jisso Jose, Co-Founder. Totient's solutions thus not only negate the downtime but also ensure faster ROI.
Product Development & Customization Suite
The company's Product Development & Customization suite of offerings identifies and designs the key features after performing product research and conceptualization to select the appropriate architecture design & platform for the client. Totient then adopts an appropriate development strategy and provides the UI prototyping and technology POCs. The Product Migration & Porting service on the other hand delivers migrating solutions for OS, Application, Proprietary architecture to an open standards-based architecture and platform interoperability. "Our mature processes, experienced engineers with a product mindset are perfectly suited to meet the challenges of any product evolution within budgets and the planned business timelines. We work closely with our clients in an integrated model thus bringing transparency, accountability and visibility to the development efforts," comments Jisso.

Totient Business Solutions’ Cloud Strategy offerings help organizations to implement the Cloud Services effectively in a secure and reliable manner

Totient considers its team of experts that comprises of senior engineers, product architects and Q&A personnel as the backbone that helps the company to stay true to its tagline ‘Design for flexibility, Develop for tomorrow’. "We follow agile methodology so that future changes can be incorporated easily," adds Jisso. Partnering with Cloud giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Totient has clearly sketched out a well planned roadmap that will help it soar to greater heights and establish footprints in the APAC regions, especially in Australia, Singapore and Middle East markets.