IndSoft Systems - Enabling Organizations to Connect with Global Customers via Cloud Hosting Platform

CIO Vendor Cloud adoption is well past the perception of something that "only start-ups do." Large enterprises from every conceivable industry are transitioning the entire infrastructure and data ecosystems into the cloud. Keeping tabs on cloud deployment costs, and cloud’s capacity to expand rapidly, will lead IT leaders to rely on powerful analytics solutions that are on-hand all the time. Catering to such organizational demands is the Mumbai, Maharashtra headquartered IndSoft Systems.
Since its inception in 1998, IndSoft Systems has been focusing on delivering dedicated server hosting. IndSoft tends to be a promising high-end cloud hosting provider that uses enterprise-grade networking, hardware and software. The company offers hosting solutions to a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporations. With its expertise in designing and deploying private cloud platform, IndSoft delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) by integrating the industry's best technologies into flexible service offerings. The organization provides solutions that are completely customized based on client’s requirements. Also, the in-house support team is trained to provide simplified, scalable and practical solution to the customers. The data protection of VPS Solutions are designed for hosting mission critical services for corporate and SMEs. The storage is built on RAID technologies that aid to provide secured storage and prompt data recovery in case of any failure.

Acing the Cloud Design
While latest technologies & dynamic operations harmonize to deliver rapid & superior services, protection of the “information assets” becomes inevitable in this fast changing digital paradigm. Pertaining to that, IndSoft provides layered security to its entire customer.
The company’s proprietary cloud design, network and security enhancement feature protects data inside cloud operating environment while establishing security policies and maintaining control through a centralized management interface. The set of proprietary tools with firewall, network, data monitoring and security enhancement feature, with each dedicated server, enhances efficiency and adds extra layer of protection without any extra Cost. “We empower our client to control access to the data wherever it resides in the cloud environment - even as applications and VMs are stopped, started or moved”, asserts Hitesh Kakkad, Sr. Manager- Technology & Security, IndSoft.

IndSoft delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) by integrating the industry's best technologies into flexible service offerings

Realizing the importance of secure and private environment, the company objectively works to render world class Internet platform and infrastructure not only to enterprise customer but also to startups and young entrepreneurs to build future generation products. While working on artificial intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology space, IndSoft emphasizes to build capabilities to offer simplified Cloud solutions and reduce overall complexity of hosting applications. The company maintains the entire cloud infrastructure (web servers, application servers, load balancing) and provides customers an interactive dashboard to monitor and manage the cloud resources. With over two decades of experience in Managed Services and Consulting, IndSoft is all set and motivated to become one of the market leaders and a dynamic channel to host unexplored and unchartered opportunities in internet space.