Aqua Cloud Computing Services - Facilitating Clients to Better Harness Cloud via Host of Cloud Based

CIO Vendor With the growth and development of MCommerce (Mobile Commerce), there has been a spurt in the design, development and deployment of GPS applications. Actively taking part in this spritz is UK based Aqua Cloud. With its Indian office in Hyderabad, the company proffers GPS solutions that integrate seamlessly with mobile apps to either track vehicles, orders, assets, or even keep in contact with customers.

Aqua Cloud’s solution thus negates the necessity of clients owning a variety of devices for different purposes. “The test is to provide right information at our customer’s finger tips at right time with easy to use tools without having to deal proliferation of different type of devices and complexity of technologies”, says Aruna Thota, Technical Solutions Architect.

Enabling Start-ups to WoW the Market Space
Pulp, a gem from the company’s bouquet of offerings addresses the challenges in capturing patient information consistently, storing it and sharing it securely, to diagnose the information to provide quality and reliable care. Embedded with the latest WHO standards, Pulp deals with the roadblocks of an enforcement authority by providing a secure platform that adheres to WHO standards and necessary approvals before starting any treatments. Similarly, WoW, a cloud hosted home grown market place enables SMEs and Start-ups not only in India but other developing countries too to have a place to market their products and services.

WoW stands apart from its peers as it offers low entry point in terms of budgets to enable clients to start off on the right foot. The solution is unique in the sense that sellers enjoy complete visibility of similar products and services on the market so they can price theirs competitively while bringing out unique selling points.
eTMS, yet another unique platform conceptualised and developed by Aqua, provides user friendly Mobile apps for the passengers to book a ticket for the journey, track the vehicle, digitally validate the tickets when passengers aboard the vehicle, provides administration features to add vehicles, routes, drivers, destinations. “A comprehensive, holistic transportation management leading edge solution eTMS is Cloud hosted and customers have to just sign-up for an enterprise subscription and start using the service”, comments Aruna.

WoW stands apart from its peers as it offers low entry point in terms of budgets to enable clients to start off on the right foot

Leveraging a team of seasoned experts who are like minded, entrepreneurial and passionate to bring new concepts to reality, the company facilitates clients to benefit from Cloud with every solution that Aqua Cloud delivers. Moreover, the company ensures that clients aren’t burdened with infrastructure management, application management or heavy upfront investment. “Clients can just ramp up the infrastructure investment with their business growth and focus on their customers and business”, adds Aruna. Envisaging huge opportunities in Cloud Computing globally, Aqua Cloud is excited about the prospects that AI and IoT technologies is going to layout. Intending to optimally utilise upcoming technologies to improve customer experience, sales and demand in conjunction with big data technologies, the company treads sure-footed in the Cloud computing domain.