OSoft Labs - Enabling Migration to Cloud with Lower TCO and Higher ROI

CIO Vendor As technological requirements keep changing for any growing company, key to success depends on how fast the applications are implemented or migrated to new technologies to avail the best features. However, moving to cloud-based platform often requires skills that are usually different from what an organization initially has in place. As a result, organizations need to factor in the cost to transition to these new skill sets- whether it involves training existing personnel or hiring additional human resources to bridge the talent gap. Enabling businesses to easily migrate from legacy applications to cloud is an expertise which Hyderabad based OSoft Labs has that reduces the TCO of migrating and maintaining an application in-house thereby increasing ROI.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company; OSoft Labs is an Amazon AWS technology partner, helping multiple clients migrate to cloud. The firm leverages the partnership to assist businesses to use the latest technology / architecture principles and reduce overhead of maintaining the legacy applications. Not just a service provider but also a product development company; OSoft Labs owns multiple products, developed using cloud technology, – implemented, deployed and maintained by OSoft Labs team. OSoft Labs conducts several rounds of discussions with clients to understand and identify the critical applications, databases and takes a phased approach for a smooth cloud migration. Depending on the needs of the business and criticality of the applications, OSoft proposes various alternative approaches including parallel run of old and new systems for couple of days or weeks before confirming a successful migration. “We help organizations achieve faster results on reduction of infrastructure cost and lowered maintenance cost with better performance and scalability of applications.” affirms Srikanth Gudipudi, CEO.
E-Commerce Platform to Encourage Online Shops
To enable businesses to set up and run their online shop; OSoft Labs has launched an affordable e-commerce platform ‘CloudShoppy’- an integrated solution on SaaS model. Pre-integrated with features for product management, order and shipping management, payment gateways, logistics and SMS notifications etc; CloudShoppy is targeted to on-board 1000 sellers by March 2017. The firm also plans to launch the platform in rural India to enable sellers to run their own branded online shops without paying any commissions. One of OSoft Labs
client who runs a newspaper was looking to develop an ePaper for both web version and online reading in the actual newspaper format. The client provided SME to give OSoft Labs the requirements and reviewing the approval process for news.

OSoft Labs architected the project on cloud for scalability and high availability so that users have great experience reading the newspaper online. This further aided client to take the advantage of Cloud for hosting ePapers on cloud and gave a cost effective solution to easily manage the newspapers. “For better understanding of business, our clients provide us SMEs or we directly hire SMEs with required skills specific to the domain.” adds Srikanth.

OSoft Labs is an Amazon AWS technology partner, helping multiple clients migrate to cloud

Working towards building innovative mobile apps that can help businesses to scale their operations easily; OSoft Labs is also creating awareness among sellers on concepts of O2O (Online2Offline and Offline2Online). Moving further, OSoft Labs aims to expand in other Asian countries after achieving substantial market share in India.