Cognosys Technologies - Delivering Vertical Agnostic Secured Cloud Solutions

CIO Vendor Among the large rush of companies to gather the "me-too" tag in the cloud arena, CognoSys stands apart not only by the virtue of being a ‘Born-in-the-cloud” company but also hundreds of deliveries to Global 500 companies across geographies. CognoSys, headquartered in Pune, India has developed niche products which fill the gap between customers’ requirements and the generic offerings by Cloud vendors. Led by its CIO Vasanti Patil who is ex-Symantec, CognoSys has brought up security as a first-class citizen in its deployment strategies instead of something to be worried about after production deployments.

CognoSys despite being primarily a product company has a large service portfolio across multiple Open Source Products in addition to Custom Software Development, Implementation and Integration of Private & Public Clouds with customer applications, enabling legacy applications become cloud compliant, Complex Event Processing, Mobile & Web Applications and Creative Embedded Deployments. CognoSys products on offer are vertical agnostic and hence they ensure deep market wise product penetration.

Cloud Marketplace Leader
All cloud vendors are offering similar commodity infrastructure and hence the future of Cloud depends on the offering from Cloud vendors through Marketplace which shall determine which cloud provider has largest ready to use products. CognoSys is world’s largest Azure Marketplace publisher and largest publisher of windows based products in AWS marketplace. CognoSys offering includes especially hardened 1-click products which removes the arduous additional work required by enterprises and their InfoSec teams. CognoSys deep expertise in BFSI clients has helped it not only bring such secured products but also helped create various case studies across secured complex network deployments.
Accelerated Cross Datacenter HA Deployment Strategies
With its rich heritage working across Large enterprises with more than 70k employees, CognoSys has built proprietary solutions which help the customers migrate to cloud without production downtimes in a secured fashion.

Right from offering encrypted Data-at-rest solutions to deploying products which accentuate Data-in-motion across multiple datacenters, offering highly available enterprise solutions is what CognoSys excels at. “Anyone can do a cloud migration but what it takes to provide a secured solution when moving to Public Cloud differentiates us from others” says Vasanti who leads her team with “everything is code” paradigm.

CognoSys has brought up security as a first-class citizen in its deployment strategies

Enterprise customers are plagued with Single server or Single datacenter solutions. CognoSys offers multiple Load Balanced servers in Sync mode connected with Async based multi datacenter HA setups across geographies providing a better RTO and RPO objective. Such architecture is possible owing to niche products CognoSys has made which involve nearly no modification in application code and offering containerization of the complete network and applications across datacenters.

From being the first Indian Company to be part of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program to being the Largest Worldwide Publisher across Diverse Cloud Marketplaces, CognoSys team carries “The Specialist” tag with OEM reaching out to deploy the most complex solutions through CognoSys.CognoSys triad offering of Technical Consultancy, Product Innovation and Relentless Customer support has made it the top most provider across cloud companies as well as a single stop for any multi cloud solution and architecture.