Locuz - Leveraging ClouTor in transforming Business IT to Cloud principles

CIO Vendor The debate on whether one should go for cloud is obsolete now. The question is how and when? With a huge expectation on scale and performance, coupled with efficiency and transparency, cloud plays a vital role for SMBs, enterprises and the government. While cloud computing is geared up for take-off, there are a few challenges that it needs to be addressed. The foremost one would be the necessity of an integrated cloud solution that will transform existing core infrastructure seamlessly on to a cloud platform.

Locuz has been assisting its customers to not just take advantage of the stack but also the engineering capabilities built over a period of time

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited proffers ClouTor for Enterprises, an integrated cloud platform that helps in extending the client’s existing infrastructure investment into a highly scalable, on- premise/hybrid cloud computing environment. The solution is capable of transforming core infrastructure while ensuring secure multi-tenancy across instances. Moreover, it automates and orchestrates resources while effectively roping in the economics of Cloud.

ClouTor has been validated by vendors like Cisco, NetApp and the likes. ClouTor was developed exclusively in the company’s lab, within the country.
Prior to engineering ClouTor, Locuz went through a rigorous and intensive research and gained exceptional domain understanding. Along with this understanding, Locuz combined their HPC knowledge that it had acquired over the years and investigated every option available in the opens source world to create a stack.

Through engineering a solution like ClouTor, the company has been successful in having an edge over its peers Locuz has been assisting its customers to not just take advantage of the stack but also the engineering capabilities built over a period of time; Locuz is now plumbing everything that is essential for businesses to move the Cloud way. Furthermore, the company prides in the fact that they are the only company that developed intellectual property around cloud solution in the country.

Locuz’s In-House architecture review team aids the company’s clients by checking the security, availability and performance when the client decides to migrate or transit from one technology platform to another. Additionally it provides assessment services that assist businesses to take informed decisions about making any migration strategy that is imperative to business.

As a Proof to these services, Locuz recently helped a client in dealing with issues related to their customer service that was getting impacted due to security breach of some of their critical cloud instances. A few services went inaccessible to a certain geography. Locuz effectively investigated the root cause and fixed the issue mainly because of its engineering capabilities and by virtue of running a platform like ClouTor for several customers thereby solving the client’s worries.

Locuz believes that five years from now, the entire business will be served from Cloud. However, the company stresses that the biggest difference will be the emergence of cloud for independent vertical. Locuz aims at being specialized in a particular industry, so that it can provide industry specific Cloud solutions.

For now, Locuz has its eyes set on the Technology use cases. It then intends to tread towards the technology use cases maturing towards industry use cases.