Kaar Technologies - Leveraging SAP and Cloud technology for Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor Cloud computing, or in simpler words “the cloud”, maximises the effectiveness of shared resources. Though cloud computing has multiple benefits, not all vendors providing Cloud services have the ability to deliver SAP ERP applications on Cloud. fortified by the prediction of reputed advisory and research boards such as Gartner and Forbes to grow by 34 Percent CAGR in the year of 2015-16, Chennai headquartered Kaar Technologies has leveraged this unparalleled opportunity through their operational and technical capabilities. This resulted in Kaar’s 10 year affiliation with SAP. “There are many vendors who are offering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. We are the only one that is offering all three together by abstracting -implementation cross validation to the user point,” says Mr. Maran Nagarajan, CEO and Chairman, Kaar Technologies.

Kaar Technologies is doubling every year and by 2020 it envisions to be a half a billion dollar company

He founded the company in 2006 after working for over a decade as an SAP consultant and has managed numerous multi-million dollar projects in more than 17 European countries. With strong roots in the Middle East, Kaar Technologies is managed by a techno-functional team and a pool of experienced SAP consultants. With its nerve center in Chennai, Kaar Technologies has marked its presence in 14 locations worldwide.
Following SAP’s business transformation after migrating to cloud computing with products like SAP HANA, Ariba and HCP, Kaar Technologies also began offering SAP services on cloud which resulted in a highly scalable IT ecosystem that granted boosted productivity, and curtailed costs.

This resolution resulted in Kaar Technologies’ flagship product Kaar Cloud. Nagarajan adds that Kaar Technologies offers application as a service, lifecycle maintenance of the application per-user and is able to abstract the infrastructure platform; which ultimately helps enterprises avoid large scale investments and risks. This CMMI level-3 rated Company’s ability to go live within three months’ time is known as the ‘Kaar Delivery Model’, which was formulated after taking cognizance of the benefits of deploying agile methodology.

But in this networked world, data privacy is one of the threats that enterprises always keep an eye on. Companies have been presuming that it is better to store data within the country. “We explain to clients that the physical location is immaterial in the cloud context. Vulnerability does not change whether data is on premise or on cloud,” Nagarajan adds. Kaar Technologies helps its customers to tighten the security on the application layer in terms of authorization, access, data quality, isolation, UTM infrastructure and application related leakages.

Approaching Prospects
Kaar Technologies is doubling every year and by 2020 it envisions to be a half a billion dollar company. The company has initiated investing across seven nations in Europe and will expand its footprint in the USA by next year. “If a company wants digital transformation through SAP as a technology, KAAR is the partner they should look at,” concludes the Chairman.