iYogi - Empowering IoT innovators with a Cloud-based open IoT platform

CIO Vendor For achieving success in the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses require a reliable,efficient, and scalable infrastructure. In order to accomplish this, a smarter step would be the merger of Cloud Computing and IoT concepts, i.e., enable an “Everything as a Service” model, where a Cloud ecosystem, combining novel functionality and smart IoT capabilities, would be provided. Hence, an innovative IoT-centric Cloud infrastructure is the foremost stipulation of businesses today. Filling this gap is Gurgaon-based iYogi, which has launched a cloud-based open IoT platform - Digital Service Cloud (DSC). DSC is based on the Microsoft Azure platform stack and is proven to efficiently scale to over 10 million devices.

iYogi’s telematics solution uses DSC at its core which helps monitor vehicle parameters in real time, improving driver safety and vehicle performance

DSC can be used by businesses of all sizes and maturity start-ups and large enterprises in diverse industry verticals including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, smart cities, and automotive.
According to the company, Interoperability and Scale are the top challenges faced by IoT innovators, and its unique platform DSC is the ideal solution for this.

“One key differentiator is that DSC comes with the Universal UI, which helps IoT companies integrate their own products with the rest of the ecosystem and allows end consumers to control all their devices from a single app,” stated Vishal Dhar, Co-Founder and President Marketing, iYogi.

DSC is designed to keep pace with the demands of new businesses. Companies can start small, test their ideas, and expand their usage as they grow. “Over 50 Percent of all IoT innovations over the next few years will come from businesses that are less than three years old, and the company wanted its product to be powerful but flexible enough to enable innovation by organizations of every size,” added Vishal. iYogi has conducted several pilots for DSC, some of the notable ones include an Insurance Telematics solution for a major car insurance provider in the United States and an ATM management company in India. iYogi’s telematics solution which uses DSC at its core, helps monitor vehicle parameters in real time, improving driver safety and vehicle performance. The effective management of vehicles, varying from multi-point monitoring to engine diagnostics, and from service alerts to automated emergency response, are the key features of this telematics solution.

iYogi is one of the largest independent consumer support services brand in the world, and offers 24x7 subscription-based, online tech support services, to over 3 million customers in 11 countries. Using DSC, it manages more than 12 million devices globally, and now the platform has been IoT enabled to extend these benefits to Smart devices. The company recently inked a partnership with Microsoft to take the platform to the market.