ATMECS - Offering Cloud and Big Data Solutions by Virtue of In- House R&D

CIO Vendor There is much ebullience around cloud computing as it prophecies a variety of benefits such as, lower overall cost, greater agility and reduced complexity, to name a few. And companies worldwide are increasingly depending on Cloud for every single aspect of its operations. However without proper analytics, these companies will be wasting resources, struggling with compliance while suffering from outages and unexpected costs. Therefore, despite the horde of benefits that cloud promises, these companies will have to choose a vendor after diligently examining the benefits by mapping them against issues like security, transparency, vendor lock-in, licensing constraints to name a few.

ATMECS stands truly to its acronym for Aspire, Think, Manage, Engage, Create, and deliver Success

Headquartered in California, USA with R&D Center in Hyderabad, ATMECS offers its clients services for monitoring and optimizing the otherwise costly resourcing needs. Being a young and dynamic company, providing exemplary cloud services to some of the Fortune 500 companies. ATMECS stands truly to its acronym for Aspire, Think, Manage, Engage, Create, and deliver Success.
The company works with Cloud services in leveraging monitoring solutions to ensure that appropriate metrics are being captured and monitored for the services. In case the Cloud provider fails to offer these services, ATMECS offers implemented custom indicators to provide the necessary insights.

With the help of its reserve of experts in various monitoring tools, ATMECS offer customized solutions that can efficiently report the metric usage for cloud resources. The company’s in house R&D team is currently developing a resource optimization algorithm that can automate the process of making infrastructure aware of the requirement of the workloads.“ATMECS owns a cloud lab that was inaugurated recently by Ulf Baumann, Vice President (HP – Cloud Operations). The lab supports a scalable set of VMs, and is capable of building an organization that is focused on a continuous exploration in various technology domains and linking them together for building effective solutions.”, says Sanjay Singh, VP Engineering, ATMECS.

ATMECS applies its own custom Big Data frameworks to simplify the Big Data environment for its clients.The Company brings expertise in Business Analytics, Market Research, and Data Visualization helping organizations with huge data sets. Furthermore,ATMECS manage and automate the big data cluster infrastructure to automatically scale both, vertically and horizontally. As per David Hawke, Chief Data Officer, ATMECS performs TCO analysis with their clients to ensure that the cost of ownership is bearable to them before they engage in the implementation on the ATMECS services thereby reducing unnecessary costs.

ATMECS postulates that the future will witness a convergence of Cloud, Mobile and Big Data that will empower the nex-gen users to become a truly mobile workforce. “With this foresight deeply ingrained into their blueprint, the company visualizes itself to be a pioneer in offering consultation services in the Cloud, Mobile and Big Data domains”, says Vishy Vishwanathan, VP Delivery. ATMECS intends to leverage their storehouse of experts to provide valuable information to the clients so that the clients can assess the upcoming technologies with minimal chances of erring, thereby achieving tremendous cost saving.