Aptus Software Labs - Safeguarding Infrastructure & Assuring Business Continuity

CIO Vendor Nothing can be more beneficial to a business than a risk stuck off from their infrastructure and Aptus Software Labs safeguards businesses day in and day out. Serving as the panacea of business who struggle to keep up with their infrastructure growth, this Bangalore based company provides niche services in the areas of Cloud Computing, Remote Infrastructure Management, 24x7 Network Operations Center and Engineering services on open source technologies. Being a nimble bellwether in the cloud infrastructure management space, Aptus takes care of its clients’ infrastructure needs by owning their infrastructure completely and letting them focus on their core business. With organizations becoming more inclined towards the adoption of cloud technologies owing to high scalability of cloud platforms, they at times fail to predict the scope for their infrastructure growth on such platforms. However, Aptus being an experienced vendor agnostic player works with clients to first understand their requirements, technology components, scale parameters, security considerations and then goes ahead to suggest the cloud platform that would best benefit the client. “Aptus helps clients focus on their core business and leave the management of their infrastructure to us. Aptus works on the needs of the customer in the areas of Architecting solutions, Jumpstarting, Migration, Monitoring and Management”, says Ramakrishna Prasad, Co-Founder

With potential clients having so many quality options to choose from when picking a cloud services vendor, independent cloud service providers are faced with the critical need to differentiate themselves in order to stand out among the vendors. Aptus as an early adopter of cloud technologies has strengthened its position in the market by working relentlessly with a wide
variety of verticals and cloud components of various providers both local and overseas, thus getting the edge and command in what it has to offer with regards to cloud computing. “We have been an early adopter of cloud technologies and have focused on providing clients with the best infrastructure that their business requires. As we are vendor agnostic, it helps us to evaluate all the cloud offerings of all players and suggest the best that would suit a particular use case”, says Ramakrishna.

Aptus with its best practices eliminates all risks of infrastructure migration on the cloud

To ensure clients applications are migrated with minimum hassle within a short period of time, Aptus with its best practices eliminates all risks of infrastructure migration on the cloud. “The customer will not have to reinvent the wheel in migrating to a cloud environment. We help them understand the building blocks of the cloud providers and utilize them where ever deem fit”, says Ramakrishna. The company has robust experience of managing 1000’s of servers on the cloud and incorporates this experience to streamline clients’ cloud journey.

Being a service based company; Aptus has built standard practices and automation around cloud offerings, which are shared across customers, thereby preparing them to meet various demands of businesses. Embarking on the same standards and industry best practices, the company envisions to develop a product based on automation for both startups and established players to help curb infrastructure related challenges.