ALTEN CALSOFT LABS - Enabling a Smooth & Agile Transition of Application to Cloud Platforms

CIO Vendor Cloud, more often than not has remained a conventional option for most of the Independent Software Vendors (aka ISV) and Enterprises. However, they face many difficulties in dealing with operational tasks that is involved in Cloud computing such as, compliance, migration of application and governance to name a few. To give them a guiding hand in handling such issues, Alten Calasoft labs, is offering an agile infrastructure management framework, enabling organizations to build high performance clouds to suit the need of the time. With an advantage of considerable experience of working with market leaders in providing the software applications, befitting the unique entailments of different industries, Alten Calsoft Labs helps in the smooth transition of applications to different cloud platforms be it private, public or hybrid cloud. Moreover, it further extends support to ISV’s and other enterprises in their pursuit to optimize the cost of operation by offering them a DevOps solution.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs focuses on other industries such as Health Care, Education, High –Tech, Networking and Telecom, Retail and Internet business. To cater to their needs, it has in store a variety of service mechanisms, meticulously developed with the help of digital innovation and transformation Services, Agile consulting and Transformation services, Network transformation Services. In addition, it hosts a cloud VPN gateway solution for broadband users which is designed to support IPSec like VPN, IKE and NAT matching the Industry standard 1U or 2U servers with Xenon E5-2600 family processors.

ALTEN’s industry oriented specific software’s such as eSmart RIS, learn Sync; add to the arsenal of solutions that it offers to each individual industries. In a continuation of its efforts, ACL’s DEVOPS is specifically
designed to help companies that are struggling with fragmented processes and employee disconcert, by assisting them through a centralized web based systems, that are integrated cloud management , orchestration, painless end to end cloud enabled application life cycle management, automated reporting and dashboard, to ensure a hassle free collaboration and governance. “Intel is pleased to see ALTEN Cal soft Labs supporting Intel DPDK customers to develop and roll out new and enhanced products and services, and accelerate revenue streams" said Stephen Price, GM Communication and infrastructure group, thereby throwing light at the company’s potential capabilities.

ALTEN’s industry oriented specific software’s such as eSmart RIS, learn Sync; add to the arsenal of solutions that it offers to each individual industrie

Endeavouring more Partnerships in the Coming Days
ACL realises, how important it is to have key alliances with reputed companies, in order to envision a glorious reputation, as there are many challenges awaiting to embrace them in the form of stiff competitions. It endeavours to extend its partnerships to other top-notch software companies, by offering them some good innovative ideas which will help tackle issues in future.

Present league / coalition of top notch companies
Its partners include an expensive list of companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, NetSuite, Intel Network Builders, Red Hat, ARM, Texas Instrument DSP, Rackspace, Colabnet, Quosmos, Network Intelligence Alliance, HP Alliance one Member, 6 wind.