Think Technology Services - Influencing bottom lines and helping customers lower TCO

CIO Vendor One of the biggest challenges encountered by enterprises is a deficient web domain expertise. Though Web solution agencies are in abundance, enterprises have to keep switching web solution vendors either due to incomplete jobs or due to unavailability of 360 degree solutions. Think Technology Services has been successful in overcoming these hiccups by providing end to end solutions. THINK is a Web Technology Solution provider that can help enterprises from taking their first step online, creating a web strategy, setting up an enterprise email solution, leveraging digital and social to communicate with their customers and vendors, by providing Training and Support throughout.

Think Technology Services has been bringing Fortune 500 Company systems to SME’s and Large Enterprises in India since a decade

Think has greatly evolved as a Web, Voice and Mobile Technology Solutions firm having been around for a decade. “We give enterprises a one stop web solution. We take care of technical support, website ranking and management, SEO, digital marketing, social media management and engagement. It works in the favour of enterprises to have all web solutions sourced to a highly qualified team of expert individuals. What adds true value to our services is the human touch we offer to our clients. We don’t sell products, we provide Solutions!” says Adhir Varma from Think.
Think provides superior cloud based services like the Think Business Email, Web Design and Application Development that form the core of our services suite. The biggest factor contributing to the success of a technology services firm is Availability, that of services, resources and expertise.

All services combined together largely improves customer experience.

Think Technology Services has partnered with global leaders such as Google, DMS, Freshdesk etc that have very high standards of data security and have certified and trained personnel to be able to deploy, train and support customers on these solutions.

After acquiring a detailed and deep understanding of the customer’s environment & challenges, Think proposes a solution that aims to resolve and better the processes for the customer and considerably reduces the TCO.

At Think every web design is innovated, making it exclusively suitable for the client and the business. Being a cloud based solution firm, Think deploys robust resources into the project to deliver the best and the latest options, with virgin concepts for every client within the set time frame.

Cloud based solutions requires high functionality, great uptime and top notch security. A host of connected services are required for systems to run smoothly. Think not only provides the infrastructure needed by enterprises, but also manages, trains and provides technical support for the same.

Think Technology Services has been bringing Fortune 500 Company systems to SME’s and Large Enterprises in India since a decade. “Our greatest achievement so far has been, to be able to successfully service and more importantly retain our 350+ customers since the last 10 years and to continue to build new relationships with customers every quarter” adds Adhir. Based on our Vision and Belief, Think Technology Services formed strategic partnerships with Profiles International Inc,USA, Google Inc, IBM, HP-Compaq, SoftLayer Inc, USA, FreshDesk, DMS etc and will continue in its endeavor to form Successful partnerships and alliances to provide maximum value to the customer.